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Affirmative Action Planning

Whether you choose to manage affirmative action plans internally or outsource plan preparation and program support to our experts, PeopleFluent’s affirmative action planning, analysis, and support model simplifies the process and provides you with a full range of services and technology backed by a 100 percent guarantee of technical compliance.

Use our scalable solutions with industry-leading technology to align your strategy for your affirmative action plan with your business objectives for meaningful business improvement and risk reduction. After we ensure your affirmative action program is compliant, we can work with you to leverage your affirmative action plan as a strategic asset throughout the talent management lifecycle.

Learn more about how Cadbury Schweppes streamlined their reporting processes using the CAAMS solution.

Affirmative Action Software

Some federal contractors choose to manage their affirmative action plan development in-house. With PeopleFluent, you can choose affirmative action planning software that can handle an enterprise Affirmative Action Program, producing multiple affirmative action plans simultaneously, or a decentralized program producing a small number of plans. Whatever your business needs, one of our affirmative action software products delivers technically compliant plans, and the ability to deliver required OFCCP reports. Beyond producing the affirmative action plan, the PeopleFluent software helps Affirmative Action Program managers’ access and report critical employment data to help business managers and senior management make HR decisions relative to organizational goals. Learn more about innovative affirmative action software.

Affirmative Action Plan Outsourcing Services

PeopleFluent has a team of experienced, knowledgeable consultants fluent in OFCCP requirements who become an extension of your existing affirmative action compliance team. Recognized for 100% technical compliance, our clients are always ready for an OFCCP audit, and so will you. Enhance your affirmative action planning process with the following services:

  • PeopleFluent experts analyze and produce all aspects of your affirmative action plans and reports from beginning to end
  • Management dashboards to analyze your affirmative action program results to identify risks
  • Create EEO-1, VETS-100 and VETS-100A reports
  • Adverse Impact analysis of various selection decisions
  • Compensation analysis

OFCCP Audit Support

Align your HR activities and data closer to OFCCP requirements, which drives your audit strategy to help prepare and end a compliance review at the Desk Audit stage. Discover how to gauge the effectiveness of your Affirmative Action Program with a mock audit that helps your compliance team efficiently maneuver through an OFCCP audit.

To learn more about how our Affirmative Action Planning software can benefit your business, pleasecontact us today.