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Affirmative Action Software

Since the inception of Executive Order 11246 in 1965, federal contractors have been challenged with how to properly gather, analyze, and report employee metrics to help ensure that affirmative action is taken to drive fair and equal treatment to all job seekers and employees without regard to race, color, gender, religion, and national origin.

With affirmative action software, federal contractors of all sizes can efficiently track and measure hires, promotions, terminations, and compensation to easily develop single or multiple affirmative action plans, quickly identify areas of risk, and efficiently communicate results to help minimize or eliminate harmful HR decisions. By providing built-in validation and calculation tools to help you promptly obtain results, with current HR resources, you can meet the very defined requirements monitored by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), but not without some challenges.

Challenges in managing an affirmative action program:

  • Validation of applicant and employee data
  • Visibility to affirmative action plans for any level of the organization
  • Produce multiple plans in a timely manner
  • Consistent monitoring of workforce data to assess and identify specific areas of risk within selection decisions
  • Producing relevant metrics by manager, department, division, or team to help gain manager buy-in to goals
  • OFCCP Audit preparation

Hundreds of companies across multiple industries leverage PeopleFluent enterprise affirmative action software, CAAMS, to meet all of these challenges, or one of our desktop products,  AAPlannerMonitor, and Paystat, to focus on particular areas of interest.

TotalView of HR Decisions

For federal contractors with thousands of employees, multiple affirmative action plans across multiple facilities can become burdensome when organizing and managing plan assets. HR generalists or affirmative action compliance officers are able to leverage CAAMS, our enterprise affirmative action software, to validate applicants, compare hires to applicants, ensure terms are reported correctly, and reduce production time by simultaneously producing multiple plans at one time without recalculating data.

Easily meet monitoring requirements to assess your organizational makeup and progress toward goals. Because CAAMS has built-in data calculation tools, you can automate the monitoring process and simplify how you identify areas of risk, then report accurate metrics to help other stakeholders make effective HR decisions that support the spirit of Executive Order 11246. 

With CAAMS affirmative action software, managers at various levels can identify the diverse representation of an organization and monitor applicant flow and areas of adverse impact at all levels for a monitoring period before an audit. Unlike many other tools available, PeopleFluent helps you accomplish your communication of metrics with the industry’s only compliance dashboards offering a visual summary of the applicant or employee data through the Plan DashboardMonitor Dashboard, and Risk Dashboard.

Where do you want to focus: Affirmative Action Plan, Adverse Impact, or Compensation?

There are many federal contractors that don’t have multiple facilities with multiple plans to produce. Our affirmative action software addresses individual business needs allowing a company of any size to meet federal requirements and overcome challenges within their current processes. For instance, in a decentralized environment where a limited resource is a factor, costs are saved by providing unique solutions that add efficiency through automation without an enterprise solution or adding headcount to your team. What are your needs?

I need to produce a single or small number of Affirmative Action Plans
For smaller companies, law firms, and consultants, easily produce all required and supporting documents for an affirmative action plan. Learn more about AAPlanner

Do I have adverse impact?
In-depth monitoring of affirmative action plans and analyze each step of the hiring process (known as steps analysis) to identify adverse impact at every decision during the hiring process.       
Learn more about Monitor

How can I determine if pay disparities exist within our compensation structure?
Perform a variety of different statistical tests including regression to identify disparities in pay.  In addition, calculate your financial impact needed to close the disparity in pay. 
Learn more about Paystat

Confidence in Case of OFCCP Audit

The PeopleFluent affirmative action software plays an integral role in helping you prepare your team and other stakeholders for an OFCCP audit. We enable you to quickly produce required reports needed in the event of an audit. In addition to required reports, our software further helps you drive a successful affirmative action program, by providing the ability to create ad-hoc reports. To meet the goal of eliminating discriminatory practices within your selection decisions, your business managers, recruiters, and executives will have visibility to how their decisions impact overall goals, with the option to course correct and minimize or eliminate the risk. Without the help of IT, you can enhance your OFCCP audit strategy with innovative reporting.

Doesn’t End With the Affirmative Action Software

There are a number of other requirements of Executive Order 11246 that do not depend on the type of software being used. In addition to the tools to manage and report the data, a successful program also incorporates the following:

PeopleFluent is a full-service affirmative action planning provider.

To learn more about how our Affirmative Action software can benefit your business, please contact us today.