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​Engage all types of workforces and talent, globally. Integrated talent acquisition, talent management, diversity and contingent workforce solutions in the cloud.

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PeopleFluent Recruiting Mirror™

Amplify your recruiting experiences to find, hire and onboard the best talent. Real-time collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates to increase the speed of the hiring process and gain better quality candidates.

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PeopleFluent Compensation Mirror™

Visualize and manage complete compensation strategies in real-time with collaborative coaching, video training and insightful analytics at key touch points in the planning process. And, simplify compensation management for HR and managers to acquire and engage your workforce.


PeopleFluent Performance Mirror™

Build a passionate and purposeful workforce. PeopleFluent Performance Mirror suits your best-fit processes. Highly-configurable workflows, forms, rating scales, delegation, and multi-rater capabilities let you automate the performance strategies that work for your people.

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PeopleFluent Onboarding Mirror™

Introduce and socialize your new employees with personalized, interactive experiences built on social collaboration and video. Help new hires be productive more quickly, provide managers with visibility into employee progress, and make task and form management simple and consistent.

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PeopleFluent Learning

Develop and retain talent for tomorrow. Offer engaging, collaborative learning opportunities through a platform that supports global enterprise learning and offers a user-friendly experience. Maintain a competitive edge with skill building, training, and knowledge sharing.

PeopleFluent Succession

Master the challenge of workforce change. PeopleFluent Succession simplifies the process of identifying and building tomorrow’s leadership and high- talent pipeline. Identify leaders, develop potential, and act on important workforce trends based on informed, data-driven decisions.

PeopleFluent Vendor Management

Take the guesswork out of Contingent Workforce Management. PeopleFluent VMS provides comprehensive business intelligence and analytics to manage all non-employee labor and services procurement categories, providing visibility into expenditures, compliance, risk, and efficiency.

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