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High Volume Hiring

Many organizations are challenged to attract, hire and retain top performers for high-demand, high-turnover roles. PeopleFluent’s high volume capabilities are specially designed to excel in meeting these types of hiring needs, ultimately providing you with improved talent supply, quality of hire, retention, and business performance. Our High Volume Recruiting solution delivers aggressive “always-on” sourcing strategies, automated assessment and matching, and a continuous supply of best-fit candidates with per-opening precision. Because one size doesn’t fit all, you can adapt and tailor your techniques for different worker segments to maximize results.

Learn more about how Carquest reduced their time to fill by over 50% after implementing our high volume solution.


One System Manages Your Total Workforce Recruiting

PeopleFluent Recruiting solutions allow you to manage all of your recruiting through one system. In this system, your high volume recruiting efforts can leverage all capabilities including social referrals, contingent sourcing, search engine marketing, and candidate self-service. In addition, there are unlimited hiring workflows and automated recruiter alerts for top candidates. 

high volume recruiting software

Continuous Sourcing

Continuous sourcing eliminates the no opportunity and wrong opportunity risks to build the deepest pre-qualified talent inventory possible.  When a manager has an opening, they will immediately receive a qualified supply of applicants. 

All the forms of attraction you invest in – social, SEO/SEM, referral, paid job boards, media ads, events, and sponsorships – lead candidates to your site to browse all your standard jobs, independent of current openings. If your organization has multiple locations in the vicinity of the candidate, interactive maps display all your nearby locations for consideration. Candidates select the opportunities they are most excited about and easily submit their interest through a lean application process crafted specifically for that worker type. 

  • Engage all candidates, all of the time
  • Mobile career sites work best to capture mobile leads
  • Staffing is not required to manage requisitions and postings for the field
  • When hiring openings occur managers have a qualified supply of applicants at their immediate disposal

high volume recruiting software

One Application, Many Job Opportunities

Realize the full potential of your candidates. Your job application should capture choices and preferences that will match candidates to any number of positions arising at various locations and expand hiring opportunities beyond what originally attracted them to your brand. Additional options may very well exist within an acceptable geographic radius that otherwise meet the candidate’s interest, qualifications, and preferences.

  • Capture interest in multiple job types and locations
  • Prompt candidates to specify their preferences including type of employment, shift availability, desired wage, and start date
  • Simplify the application to collect only the information that is needed and automatically save drafts
  • Approach assessments, questionnaires, and tax credit screening smartly, avoiding redundant data entry

high volume recruiting software

Automatically Connect Candidates to Hiring Managers through Express Match

Express Match immediately connects managers and recruiters to quality candidates using job specific criteria, such as shift preferences, and standardized criteria including assessment performance, work eligibility, and acknowledgement of company policies. By using Express Match for confirmation, managers and recruiters receive a supply of prequalified candidates and are equipped to confidently initiate the next step.

high volume recruiting software

Candidate Self-Service Scheduling

Interview Scheduling allows candidates to self-schedule interviews within defined timeframes. Self-service scheduling eliminates the logistical burden traditionally shouldered by hiring managers and recruiting staff. It automatically communicates with all participants to drive the process to a successful outcome. Candidates prefer self-service because it gives them control and allows them to proactively reschedule within established guidelines. The scheduling site offers additional value by permitting the inclusion of resources to help candidates prepare for the interview. Candidates may gain a better understanding of the position and environment, access forms to complete in advance, and retrieve directions to the interview location.

To learn more about how our High Volume Hiring software can benefit your business, please contact us today.