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Peoplefluent Mobile Talent Management for the iPad

Your business moves fast.  That speed drives a constant need for high performing talent.  To supply that talent, Peoplefluent offers “Mobile Talent Management,” its suite of mobile applications. 

Mobile Talent Management apps connect organizations with talented people.  As an extension of your integrated talent solution, Mobile Talent Management brings visual answers to strategic questions on Recruiting, Compensation, Employee Performance, and Leadership Development to the devices managers use to make decisions.  Through these mobile experiences, your team has actionable information and access wherever they go on the devices they use on that journey.  The Mobile Talent Management suite is made up of four apps that provide manager insights. 

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Workforce Explorer

  • Provides detailed information about employees and contingent workers that your managers will refer to on a daily basis.
  • Provides visibility into the entire organizational 'span of control,' so your managers can use their iPads to drill down to evaluate performance, potential, readiness, and flight risk information about everyone on their teams.
  • Powerful filters are available at the swipe of a finger.
  • Simplifies the analysis of employee data, which enables managers to make better, fact-based decisions.
  • Raises your managers' people fluency, helping them ask better questions, make better decisions about talent, and forge stronger relationships with their teams.

Watch CTO Doug Ring present Workforce Explorer at “Awesome New Technologies” during HR Tech

Jot Note

  • Allows managers to capture (and retrieve) quick performance-related notes about their employees throughout the year...anytime, anywhere.
  • Managers can jot down notes on accomplishments, milestones, and challenges as they occur so they can refer to them later during a performance review.
  • Helps managers to see where there might be opportunities for them to do a better job at providing feedback / coaching.

Executive InSight

  • Allows executives to set measurable workforce goals and uses predictive analytics to determine if the workforce is improving sufficiently to meet those goals.
  • Presents answers to key strategic questions related to workforce cost, workforce planning, talent retention, hire quality, hire vs. develop, and return on investment.
  • Alerts can be set so decision makers can be notified when a measurement is becoming out of the norm or when a workforce goal has been met.
  • Leader boards are used to show the highest and lowest scores for particular metrics.  This is useful to see which areas of the company need the most attention.

Comp Manager

  • Provides the manager with the power to reward and motivate their high performing employees. 
  • Extends compensation history and budgeting and incentive options to managers, while keeping transactions inside the guidelines of their salary and incentive plans.
  • The app portrays the compensation reward process in a visual way.   It  protects the integrity of the compensation processes by letting leaders see how managers are allocating rewards, which gives time to confirm that their people investments are being provided to those most deserving based on actual performance.

Manager Coach

  • Provides managers with an easy reference to HR best practices dealing with the every-day questions they answer for employees.
  • As managers encounter events and questions that have impact on employees' lives and their work, they will have a personalized HR professional to coach them right on their iPad:  the app counsels managers on all aspects of an organization’s culture. 
  • Whether it’s communicating a company’s philosophy on goal setting, evaluating performance, evaluating new hires or onboarding a new employee, ManagerCoach includes content configurable to best suit your enterprise’s needs. 

Candidate Explorer

  • Assists recruiters to close the loop with hiring managers by helping them to assess the pulse of their company’s supply of talent.
  • The applets allow managers to filter potential candidates and provide feedback to their recruiting teams. 
  • This visual approach to the hiring process allows managers to quickly review candidates as well as dive deeper when necessary, so they can respond quickly to new candidates.