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Talent Management Pays Off: $3,212 per Medicare Beneficiary

Feb 08, 2016

Healthcare organizations that use talent management best practices save an average of $3,212 per Medicare beneficiary over hospitals that don’t. See how PeopleFluent has helped some leading healthcare organizations implement these best practices, and learn how to make the case for a talent management investment in your organization.

Is Your Compensation Manager an MVP?

Feb 05, 2016

Learn what the NFL can teach you about creating communication and flexibility in your compensation management strategy.

Learn the 4 “M’s” of Managing Millennials

Feb 03, 2016

Millennial employees are an important part of your workforce - are your management processes equipped to keep them motivated and engaged? Learn the 4 "M's" that you should keep in mind when managing your millennials.

Luxury Bags are Better than Cars: Surprising Data about Millennials

Feb 01, 2016

Goldman Sachs' latest data on millennial spending habits reveals some interesting traits and characteristics shared among this generational group - and that hints at successful hiring strategies to attract the most talented members. Read on to see what we took away from the data.

Getting the Most Bang for your Buck: Visibility and Planning for Compensation Efficiency

Jan 29, 2016

It's that time of year again: performance reviews and salary planning are on the forefront of many managers' minds. A strong pay for performance strategy can help retain and motivate those best-performing employees, but in order to successfully implement one, you need this major element: transparency. Learn more about how to gain it in your compensation management.

A Smart Talent Acquisition Strategy to Help HR Navigate the Booming Healthcare Job Market

Jan 26, 2016

With explosive hiring growth in healthcare and an expected increase in jobs for the foreseeable future, you need a smart talent acquisition strategy to find and hire the best talent to fill these roles. Read on to see what we suggest that strategy should include.

3 Recruiting Lessons We Can Learn From the Presidential Primaries

Jan 25, 2016

It turns out that there are some interesting parallels between choosing a presidential candidate and recruiting for a leadership position for your organization. See which 3 lessons we've pulled out of this year's presidential nomination race and how to apply them to your own recruiting initiatives.

The Future is Now: 10 Key Trends Affecting HR in 2016 and Beyond

Jan 22, 2016

If your organization is like most, you've been spending most of your time these past few weeks planning for 2016. We just want to make sure that your HR strategy includes confronting these 10 trends which we predict will heavily impact HR this year and beyond.

The Four Key Components of a Successful Affirmative Action Program

Jan 21, 2016

For government contractors and subcontractors, it's time to your annual Affirmative Action Plan. Make sure yours includes these 4 key elements for compliance and organizational success.

How to Streamline Your Recruiting Workflow

Jan 19, 2016

It might be a little early for spring cleaning, but it's definitely the right time to clean up and streamline your recruiting workflow. Read on to discover how to make your entire process more effective - and your recruiting efforts more efficient.

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