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PeopleFluent for Affirmative Action Planning

Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

PeopleFluent’s affirmative action planning software produces 100% technically compliant affirmative action plans (AAPs) that include clear visibility into your overall compliance program.
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The Four Key Components of a
Successful Affirmative Action Program

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Compensation Analysis

Conduct advanced compensation analysis with PeopleFluent’s PayStat software, designed specifically for pay equity analysis. The solution offers a step-by-step progression through the various OFCCP tests, as well as pay equity studies, of current and past pay decisions.
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Adverse Impact Monitoring

PeopleFluent’s adverse impact software, MonitorTM, provides in-depth monitoring of your affirmative action plans and analyzes adverse impact throughout each step of the hiring process.

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Good Faith Efforts

Leverage the industry’s first automated Good Faith Efforts Manager to plan and document your local and remote outreach efforts. The Complete Resource Center (CRC) automates how HR, business managers, and senior management track, document, and communicate critical compliance assets and results from a secure, cloud-based storage location.
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Accommodations Tracking

Accommodations tracking and reporting, a key focus of recent OFCCP audits, is an essential component of your organization’s ability to defend its practices. PeopleFluent’s software enables you to easily track, report, and archive all accommodation requests and related actions for ADA and Section 503 in a way that is secure and efficient.

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