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Recruit worldwide for jobs across any part of your business, from anywhere at any time
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Speed to Sourcing the Right Candidates

The best candidates at your fingertips, at the right time. Whether you need to recruit socially, from your existing talent pool, internal candidates, or use referrals, our applicant tracking system automates your recruiting workflow, letting your team focus on the sourcing, searching, and matching of the best candidates to any job in any part of your business.

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Speed to Hire by Saving Recruiting Steps

Create fast and efficient workflows that will allow your team to maximize productivity. Great recruiting teams spend the majority of their time interviewing, consulting, and interacting with candidates. PeopleFluent Recruiting allows you to easily and seamlessly automate all of your manual processes. This allows your recruiters to be career counselors not process managers. The more time they spend with candidates, the faster your positions get filled. PeopleFluent delivers a powerful candidate experience, full mobile functionality and our intuitive Recruiting Mirror experience, all driving your team to a faster outcome.

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Gartner Recognizes PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent received the highest Product Scores of the 12 vendors assessed in the “Attract and Retain Talent” and “High-Volume Talent Management” Use Cases


Speed to Productivity and Results

PeopleFluent provides flexibility to ensure Recruiting works for every aspect of your business, regardless of the job you’re recruiting for, the business you’re supporting, or wherever you need to recruit candidates. Configurable workflows allow every recruiter, division, and local office to have a customized recruiting process. Get complete visibility into your recruiting, whether it’s a candidate, your talent pipeline, or global recruiting.

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