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PeopleFluent Recruiting

Fast, Friendly Candidate Experiences

Create fast, friendly candidate experiences throughout the entire hiring process at any time, from anywhere. PeopleFluent Recruiting supports a highly responsive Web experience, across any device, with everything you need from video, templates, online forms, and applications. Orchestrate a consumer friendly recruiting experience that meets the needs of the candidate, your brand, and the hiring manager.

PeopleFluent Recruiting makes it easy to deliver video content that is specific to the type of candidates you are recruiting, including corporate profile, employee testimonials, hiring manager introduction, video questionnaires, and job specific descriptions. Reach, respond, and engage candidates through video content to create a more personalized experience.


Gartner Recognizes PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent received the highest Product Scores of the 12 vendors assessed in the “Attract and Retain Talent” and “High-Volume Talent Management” Use Cases


Mobility for a Simplified Candidate Experience

Recruiting software that’s a seamless mobile experience for candidates, PeopleFluent Recruiting lets applicants do research, review jobs, and apply from their smartphone or tablet. Applying to jobs through LinkedIn, Dropbox, or Google Drive makes the process simple, and drives more candidates to your requisitions.


Be the Employer Brand in Demand

Put your brand to work for the candidates you’re recruiting. PeopleFluent Recruiting provides a highly customizable and configurable career site based on responsive Web design. Whether you’re recruiting for seasoned executives, millennials, or hourly workers, the opportunities are endless to use your brand to attract the right candidate. Easily extend your employer brand in highly customized ways to attract the candidates you’re recruiting through social media, job boards, and referral networks.

Nearly 100 million candidate interactions are powered by PeopleFluent career portals.


Engage Hiring Managers

Engage hiring managers in recruiting with PeopleFluent’s powerful Recruiting Mirror. With a simple, easy to use, and engaging Hiring Manager interface, you can make life easy for your managers as they review and move candidates through the process. PeopleFluent Recruiting accelerates screening through video questionnaires, a collaborative dashboard with recruiters, and mobility that puts candidate information at your fingertips. Focus your hiring managers on recruiting rather than the administrative process of applicant tracking. With PeopleFluent’s mobile capabilities, hiring managers can take action on candidates any time, anywhere, from any device.


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