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Fast Candidate Search

Start every search with your easiest and most cost effective source, your recruiting database. PeopleFluent Recruiting searches the system in seconds to bring the right candidates to your recruiting desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The applicant tracking system enables enterprise recruiting teams to quickly source, review, and recruit candidates for multiple positions simultaneously.

Unlimited saved searches deliver a constant stream of the right candidates from among the hundreds of thousands in your recruiting database, plus new applicants. Award-winning PeopleFluent Recruiting offers the most powerful search functionality available, allowing each recruiter the ability to search the database using all the criteria critical to filling the position with the right candidate.


Gartner Recognizes PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent received the highest Product Scores of the 12 vendors assessed in the “Attract and Retain Talent” and “High-Volume Talent Management” Use Cases


Talent Matching in Real-Time

Combine the power of PeopleFluent’s Recruiting and Succession software and match opportunities to talent profiles in your existing employee system. Manager referrals, high-performers, or self-nominated employees are filtered to create a real-time pool of candidates for open positions. Speed recruiting by accessing proven talented candidates in your organization. Drive internal mobility and move your organization and employee’s careers forward.

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Dynamic, Visible Talent Pipelines

Recruiting software that speeds enterprise-recruiting teams, PeopleFluent Recruiting creates targeted pipelines for each of your recruiters by dynamically automating the building of individual talent pipelines. Pre-vetted candidates are easily accessed, tagged, and shared across the team. PeopleFluent’s mobile capabilities let your team access their searches and talent pipelines from any device, at any time.


Fast, Targeted, Intelligent Sourcing

Recruit candidates ahead of need, or search for them based on skills, certifications, experience, or any other criteria. Customize search criteria to deliver the right candidate at the right time. Continuous sourcing guarantees interview-ready candidates are at your fingertips the moment you open a requisition. By specifying the target criteria and, with a single click or touch, receive pre-vetted, qualified candidates to interview immediately.


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