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Quality of Hire

Measuring Quality of Hire allows your organization to optimize your organization's time and efforts. Pre-hire practices are reinforced by post-hire analytics that validate expected contributions anticipated during the hiring process which are proven by actual post-hire performance.  Using these measured results, recruiters use PeopleFluent hiring capabilities to leverage and  define ideal candidate profiles and other predictive information associated with job types across all of your company’s talent management processes. This definition of ideal profile aligns recruiters and hiring managers to connect with and compete for the most talented and qualified people.

quality of hire best practices

Hiring Manager Experience

An intuitive hiring manager experience helps managers make better choices when they hire and do so within quality guidelines built into the solution. When requesting a new requisition, the solution intelligently compiles existing information related to the specific job, including details that are proven benchmarks for success in the role. These details include information within job descriptions, job or role specific competencies, and required skills. Managers can append new requirements to a requisition specific to the hire, without altering the standard job information in the system.

quality of hire best practices

Quality of Hire Screening

Screening questions filter out candidates whose scores fall below what the organization has defined as acceptable. The profiles of quality candidates who are “screened-out” of a particular job are retained in case they are more suited for other job openings current or in the future.



quality of hire best practices

Integrate with Post-Hire Quality Analysis

Use your recruiting solution to validate and reinforce quality hires by connecting sourcing effectiveness with new hire effectiveness as measured by performance reviews and development assessments.




quality of hire best practices

Competency-Based Interview Guides

Generate behavioral interview guides with associated competency and skill-based questions for interviewers who are participating in the hiring process. By prompting interviewers with proven questions specific to the job, decision-makers conduct more thorough interviews and increase your quality of hire.



quality of hire best practices

Quality Hire Business Intelligence for Source, Recruiter and Manager Effectiveness

Using PeopleFluent’s integrated suite of business intelligence options you can measure true quality of hire after a candidate joins your organization through integrated performance management assessment and measurement. Business intelligence through reports, grids and calibration tools allow  you to measure quality, including the following categories:

  • Hiring Source Effectiveness – Measured employee performance correlated to submission source gives insight into the best sources of talent.
  • Recruiter Effectiveness – Employee Performance ratings correlated to the lead recruiter post-hire highlights those recruiters who attract the highest performers. 
  • Hiring Manager Effectiveness – Employee Performance ratings correlated to hiring manager data lets you know which managers are being effective at hiring. 

Using PeopleFluent solutions, organizations can leverage their talent acquisition and talent management data to identify the most effective sources. Measuring quality of hire in this way is the first step towards managing it. Equipped with this quality of hire information, organizations can make informed decisions on allocating resources to the people and processes that are most effective, identify areas in which improvement is needed, and pinpoint proven techniques that can be replicated in other areas of the organization.

To learn more about how our Quality of Hire software can benefit your business, please contact us today.