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Talent Management White Papers

7 Keys to Increasing User Adoption of HR Software

In a recent survey, 57% of HR professionals said they plan to buy new software within the next 18 months. The point of HR software is to help improve the ways we serve our organizations. But for many, the biggest challenge begins after the software goes live: getting teammates—and the employee population at large—to actually use it. So how do you engage and encourage employees and get high value from the investment you’ve made?

Download this White Paper for 7 keys to greater user adoption that will help you encourage employee participation, ensure a positive ROI, and importantly, help raise HR’s value to the enterprise.

Make Your HR Data Actionable Now!

When it comes to extracting the real value locked inside HR analytics and data, many companies are still figuring out how to begin. Research shows that only 14 percent of organizations analyze people-related data in a statistical way and correlate it to business outcomes. The rest are dealing with reporting, data cleansing, and infrastructure challenges.

Download this White Paper to learn how your company can unlock the value of its data by using roll-based analytics. Whether through Big Data or smaller scale data gathering, the real and immediate value of data lies in the small and actionable nuggets we can mine from it now. 

Continuous Collaborative Learning

What gives performance-driven companies their competitive edge? Many share two qualities - first, they have high employee engagement, with emotionally committed workforces. And second, they develop every employee to her/his full potential. With research showing only 30% of the U.S. workforce is truly engaged in their work, what can organization do to enrich employee engagement and development?

Download this White Paper to see how your company can stay ahead of the competition by nurturing Continuous Collaborative Learning, strengthening employees’ commitment to the organization through true engagement and personalized development.

Maximize the Value of Your Blended Workforce

Today’s enterprises increasingly rely upon a mix of full-time and contingent workers.  As a result, companies must rethink the strategies, tools and systems they use to manage their sourcing and recruiting—and choose solutions that facilitate a holistic and blended workforce management approach.

Download this White Paper to learn how a Total Talent Management Solution, including Vendor Management, can help your company improve not only its view of the total talent supply, but strengthen its ability to acquire and deploy talent strategically.  An advantage that will pay bigger dividends as time goes on.

The Ins and Outs of Succession Planning

Many companies are not prepared for the sudden exit of key mid- and senior-level managers, and could be losing out on the many advantages succession planning provides. They have a choice: start planning for succession needs or watch top talent – and a host of competitive benefits – fly out the door. 

Download this White Paper for information on why business succession planning is more important than ever to employers and what you can do to prepare your organization with a Total Talent Management approach.

10 Eye-Opening HR Statistics That Will Strengthen Your Talent Strategy

HR professionals are bombarded with so much business data that they can sometimes overlook useful information or not have enough time to analyze it all. This includes research on employee engagement, company culture, HR performance, and the general business environment. What are the most important research statistics HR should act on when addressing human capital needs and strengthening an organization’s talent strategy?

Download this WP for 10 timely HR research statistics that can provide a valuable window into the ongoing evolution of HR as a business function, and how senior leaders, peers and workforces perceive our strategic value. 

Using Video to Win the War for Talent

As the competition for global and virtual talent grows, companies must find ways to strategically, cost effectively, and successfully attract, assess, and recruit the right candidates in a timely manner. This is a tall order, but more companies are finding a solution in video-enabled talent acquisition. However, organizations must get past the reluctance of their hiring teams to use the technology, or they could find themselves at a disadvantage for talent in a heated labor market.

Download this White Paper to learn how video-enabled talent acquisition can help your company achieve faster, better, and more cost-effective hiring - and turn the traditional recruiting and candidate process on its head with collaborative video and mobile technologies, embedded analytics, and contextual social learning.

Your Hidden Talent Pool: Tapping Your Contingency Workforce

Today’s contingent workers hold a variety of positions, from entry to executive level. Yet, because they are not technically “employees,” they are often overlooked for other opportunities. Is your organization missing out on an untapped talent pool because it does not effectively manage, track, and retain these members of the workforce?

Download this White Paper for information on how recruiters can help their company make sure it’s not missing opportunities to leverage the growing contingent talent pool.  

Three Corporate Recruiting Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore

The world of recruiting changes rapidly. For recruiters and other talent acquisition professionals, knowing which trends are truly game-changing is essential. But how do you separate the hype from the need-to-know?

Download this White Paper for 3 recruiting trends that should be a part of every corporate recruiting strategy to further candidate engagement, enhance candidate experience, increase recruiting efficiency, and improve quality of hire.

4 Strategies for a Great Social User Experience

There’s no denying it: today’s most successful enterprises are digital to the core.

They’re enhancing their productivity and their competitive position by utilizing a growing collection of digital technologies, including social media, mobile devices, SaaS solutions and a slew of cutting-edge web applications, to name a few.
Today’s social intranets are a far cry from the intranets of the past. Those outdated relics had become little more than dumping grounds for any and all company information. They were poorly organized and ineffective as communications channels. And they became progressively disconnected from the daily flow of work and knowledge. 

Today’s social intranets, on the other hand, accelerate knowledge sharing, cultivate both continuous and informal learning among employees, and make much better use of an enterprise’s internal experts, mentors and teachers.

But before your organization can reap these considerable benefits, you might need to overcome a few cultural hurdles including management’s and employees’ trust and comfort levels regarding digital tools and resources; concerns over the use of “democratized” information; and the organization’s support or lack of support for social collaboration and virtual workgroups.