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Total Talent Management and HR Solutions

Today, Talent Management demands a level of fluency about individual employees far greater than what has been realized in the marketplace to-date. Talent matters – always has, always will. People are the heart of your organization. Attracting, optimizing and retaining qualified, skilled talent is the foundation of successful companies. The PeopleFluent brand underscores the importance of the Talent Management value proposition and establishes a corporate identity that reflects the customer-inspired vision the company conceived and has supported since its inception. 80% of the top 100 of the FORTUNE 500® are PeopleFluent customers.

As the workforce continues to change due to internal shifts and external forces, you require a nimble strategy that enables you to adapt and meet the needs of your business. Through this change, you also need to ensure that your talent strategy and your business goals are aligned. The workforce is changing, and the HR solutions that support a total workforce need to go beyond just the traditional workforce.

PeopleFluent is the leading provider of total Talent Management software and services that enable HR professionals to do more and to do it better with innovative, collaborative technology. PeopleFluent’s comprehensive and unified best-of-breed talent management suite delivers a fully integrated solution which includes recruiting or talent acquisition, performance, compensation, workforce compliance, learning management, succession planning, vendor management, diversity, workforce planning and analytics.

PeopleFluent’s total talent management solutions offer a unique combination of best-of-breed mobile and cloud-based suite solutions, spanning the acquisition and management of your hourly, salaried, and contingent workers. By aggregating the data accumulated for each type of worker, our solutions provide the predictive information needed by HR and business executives to drive key talent decisions.  PeopleFluent delivers the most innovative and comprehensive Talent Management solutions with built-in business value to enable you to meet and exceed your business objectives. 

Key Products

hr software


PeopleFluent Recruitment Software offers the broadest suite of talent acquisition solutions for your global enterprise and is the only talent management solution that allows you to make informed hiring decisions across your entire workforce. By fostering collaboration between business managers and recruiters, PeopleFluent empowers your hiring team to find, attract, and hire the best candidates, whether they are high volume, hourly, salaried, contract or contingent labor.

Talent Communities and Candidate Sourcing

PeopleFluent has developed advanced community and candidate relationship marketing (CRM) functionality for its recruiting product. It allows you to form “talent communities” from which qualified, engaged candidates can be sourced when relevant job requisitions open using PeopleFluent’s CRM system. The applicant tracking system and newly developed mobile and social aspects of its suite leverage next generation experiences to engage active and passive seekers alike.

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PeopleFluent Performance Management allows you to improve business results, develop employees and retain key staff by aligning, establishing and measuring employee performance on a continuous basis. The solution provides easy-to-use yet highly effective tools such as goal management, performance appraisals, competency and skill assessment, talent profiles, development activities, mobile performance management, reporting and analytics, and multi-rater / 360 review functionality.


human resource software

InSight™ predictive analytics allows you to forecast all key performance indicators and display trends for any given time period. You can instantly create future headcount forecasts for every part of the organization, and custom configuration is easily available.

From organizational charting and analytics to workforce planning and data integrity, InSight offers powerful visualization capabilities within a data-intense technical environment. With highly graphical and flexible analytics and planning applications, PeopleFluent predictive analytics solutions deliver the ability to collaboratively model current and desired states of an organizational structure. Our InSight solutions – offered alone or in conjunction with the full PeopleFluent Talent Management suite — gives you a strategic differentiator in understanding and assessing the most critical and complex elements of your organization. You can now make precise and informed decisions about your business to affect real-time, proactive and impactful change.

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PeopleFluent Compensation Planning lets you invest the right amounts in the right people in a manner that reflects the mission-critical nature of talent management. Motivating, rewarding and retaining top employees requires providing rewards to deserving people over the course of a year versus within the confines of a planning cycle.



Succession Planning

PeopleFluent Succession Planning helps your business managers and their HR partners build a strong, sustainable leadership pipeline for your organization. It allows you to easily harness the bench strength behind critical roles, and to build and maintain talent pools and succession slates to quickly fill those roles with high performing, high potential individuals.

Learning Management

PeopleFluent Learning Management is a complete cloud-based learning system that provides all the features and functionality you need to build a knowledgeable and competent workforce. It provides a unified and highly configurable environment for all your learning, skills and compliance needs; enables you to easily deliver and manage blended learning by combining instructor-led training, e-Learning, virtual classroom and social learning; offers powerful administration, tracking and automation features; comes with an award-winning reporting engine and provides advanced e-commerce features to easily market your training materials.

Workforce Compliance

PeopleFluent Compliance provides industry leading risk mitigation software and services backed by decades of proven compliance expertise that empowers you to easily create and leverage your Affirmative Action Plan as a strategic asset that drives your equal employment practices and strengthens compliance at every stage.  With industry leading planning, analysis, and audit support, along with best-in-class dynamic dashboard reporting and progress tracking, compliance stakeholders at all levels of your organization get the visibility, education, and assistance they need to build a diverse, high-performance, workforce.  And they are fortified with defensible HR practices and audit-ready programs that address the complex regulatory requirements of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Workforce Diversity

PeopleFluent Diversity solutions help you effectively leverage and align individual HR decisions to organizational diversity and inclusion goals.  Our automated reporting, consulting, and e-learning solutions help you identify and implement the right workforce metrics and training to measure, monitor, and communicate your progress toward diversity objectives. With total visibility of actionable diversity scorecards and metrics, together with ad-hoc reporting by manager, team, business unit, or division, you efficiently identify and remove barriers while fostering a high performance culture of inclusion and respect.


PeopleFluent Onboarding allows your organization to create consistent messaging, frequent outreach and clear expectations to your new hires so that they feel part of your organization even before they arrive for their first day.

Vendor Management

PeopleFluent Vendor Management System (VMS) helps you effectively and efficiently manage temporary, consultative and professional services workforces. By improving operational efficiencies, cost controls, compliance and invoice controls for staff augmentation and professional services spend, PeopleFluent VMS enables you to leverage the contingent and services procurement workforce as a strategic component of your overall human capital management strategy.


PeopleFluent makes it possible for you to extend the life of your existing HR solutions by integrating data from disparate sources. This minimizes the high cost of disruption and change and improves decision quality and speed.  Business Intelligence and Analytics, coupled with leading edge mobile apps, help ensure maximum value from the PeopleFluent Talent Management suite, by providing visibility into your entire organization’s ‘span of control.’   Leveraging the Cloud, PeopleFluent solutions are available across a number of devices, including iPad apps, to support an emotional and compelling experience for your users and to encourage exploration and collaboration.



Today’s workforce is on the move, fortified by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile communications tools to help them stay connected and productive while they spend an increasing amount of time out of the office – a trend that is predicted to increase.

PeopleFluent recognized this emerging business trend, becoming the first enterprise Talent Management software vendor to offer native talent management solutions on key mobile devices such as the Apple iPad. 

PeopleFluent Workforce Explorer is built upon the leading-edge HTML5 open architecture. The solution raises your people fluency, helping you ask better questions, make better decisions about talent, and forge stronger relationships across your teams. 

Managers can use tablets such as iPads, smartphones and other mobile communications tools to drill down to evaluate performance, potential, readiness, and flight risk information about everyone on their teams.

PeopleFluent Workforce Explorer allows managers to remain connected as well as productive as they spend time away from the office, making corporate decisions in minutes. PeopleFluent’s iPad app integrates seamlessly into the existing PeopleFluent talent management system and provides an engaging user experience that is designed to take advantage of the iPads touch interface, allowing users to directly interact with the data they care about. Information is highly visual and the design invites the user to explore, communicate, and learn. The app includes a set of modules that provide the ability to explore data about the workforce, review compensation budgets, initiate off cycle pay actions, review and provide feedback on candidates, and provide performance feedback to employees.human resources solutions

Experience it for yourself.  Download it for FREE on the App Store.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/peoplefluent/id474251804?mt=8

Social Collaboration

PeopleFluent’s social collaboration solutions allow you to share experiences, knowledge and innovation through social communities of aligned interests and goals. PeopleFluent helps you bring together knowledge, experiences and ideas to inform the best thinking inside your organization and, as important, in the ecosystems in which your business operates. 

Social collaboration further defines the leadership role of your HR professionals in transforming individual knowledge into corporate wisdom to inspire innovation and to accelerate leadership for your organization around the world.
By simplifying people's ability to share expertise, ideas and corporate data through an online collaboration forum, you can remove knowledge silos that have traditionally hampered a company’s ability to respond to HR-related tasks efficiently and effectively.

The integration of PeopleFluent’s industry-leading Talent Management solutions and workforce analytics with advanced collaboration and social technologies can help transform your organization to Engage, Enlighten and Enable your workforces around the world.


The PeopleFluent gamification strategy embeds social technologies and game mechanics into all applications for the purpose of emotionally engaging employees, aligning the workforce to strategic goals and driving next generation performance levels into management processes.

Talentastic and HR Ladder, PeopleFluent’s Human Resources Games, introduce the creative power of gaming to PeopleFluent's commitment to increasing engagement, collaboration, creativity and learning across the organization by weaving innovation and interactivity throughout its full suite of Talent Management applications.

The design is the strategy. Creating intuitive and emotionally engaging experiences that connect your users with their work environments -- and with the many employees within them -- is the goal. By enabling increasingly dynamic and fun technology interactions, PeopleFluent is connecting individuals and traditional Talent Management processes in a new way to enable and encourage learning, collaboration, best practices and better outcomes for both the individual and the business.

By engaging employees through problem-solving, social and collaborative elements, and with non-hierarchical participation, you can ignite the creativity, enthusiasm and involvement of your people throughout your workforces. New levels of participation help your organization communicate differently on key workforce topics, concepts and issues that drive performance and business success.

To experience first-hand early examples of PeopleFluent gamification initiatives infused in its existing product offerings, download them for FREE at App Store.

Cloud Optimization

PeopleFluent's enhanced private cloud infrastructure allows further virtualization, increased monitoring and enhanced deployment, which supports the move to a public cloud strategy.

Integration / Mashups

PeopleFluent has significant experience with integration in the Programmable Web (i.e., the web as a platform for distributed programming). PeopleFluent has expanded the number of APIs to integrate and share data with other products, and has developed a mashup strategy to combine data from disparate sources into a unified output.