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Recruiting & Staffing Professionals

With an escalating “War for Talent” as a backdrop, more than ever it is important for your Talent Acquisition and HR groups to be fluent in identifying the best talent available to your business.  For your recruiters to move at the pace of your organization’s strategy, they must also be fully aligned with the goals of your company’s leadership team.  Peoplefluent solutions drive effective talent acquisition programs by better informing decisions for hiring across your entire workforce.  In addition, Peoplefluent automates each of your hiring processes in a way that is optimized for that segment of your workforce.  By fostering collaboration between business managers and recruiters, Peoplefluent empowers your hiring team to find, attract and hire the best available candidates. 
Peoplefluent’s Total Workforce Talent Management Solutions optimize effective recruiting by focusing on three key areas:  hiring across your total workforce; improving your quality of new hires; and streamlining recruiting for high volume positions.

Total Workforce Recruiting

Your total workforce is built from multiple job types, including salaried, hourly and contingent workers.  Peoplefluent gives your team access to talented people in all job types, as well as information about job, competency, hierarchy and other internal talent management data to improve the efficiency of the recruiting process. Gaining this access provides key intelligence to make your team fluent on talent. 

Improved Quality of Hire

Quality of Hire sets guidelines your organization needs to invest your recruiters’ and hiring managers’ time and effort to onboard those talented and qualified candidates best suited for your organizational culture. Pre-hire practices are reinforced by post-hire analytics that validate the expected contributions anticipated during the hiring process and proven by actual post-hire performance, validating job responsibilities, competencies and goals against internal performance measures and external assessments.  Using these measured results, recruiters use Peoplefluent hiring capabilities to leverage and define ideal candidate profiles and other predictive information associated with job types across all of your company’s talent management processes.  This definition of ideal profile aligns recruiters and hiring managers to connect with and compete for the most talented and qualified people.

High Volume

Peoplefluent specializes in automating the process for high volume recruiting. This includes streamlining the job exploring and application process for high volume job types without compromising key steps in the process that are critical for compliance.  These processes allow the Talent Acquisition teams and management to configure and link multiple jobs per position by different locations or business units, to ensure that top candidates are not overlooked from one location to another; and also provide interview calendaring and scheduling to allow the organization to efficiently manage the hiring process.  The result is a quality hire at the speed and efficiency that a high volume environment requires.