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Staffing Management: Identify and Recruit The Best Talent

When you are considering your staffing management plans, PeopleFluent gives your team access to talented people in all job types, geographic locations, skills and competency levels, hierarchies and other internal talent management criteria to improve the efficiency of the recruiting process. PeopleFluent offers a Staffing Management integration approach within our contingent/contractor Vendor Management System (VMS) that allows you to consider full-time as well as contract sources to address your businesses objectives.  PeopleFluent’s Vendor Management solutions equip recruiters and managers with the tools needed to minimize staffing spend, improve performance levels and streamline the entire staffing acquisition process.

Your total workforce is built upon a foundation of multiple job types, including salaried, hourly and contingent workers. A holistic view of Staffing Management goes beyond salaried and hourly employees.  Effective Staffing Management encompasses temporary staffing, contingent and/or contractor labor through outsourced and managed solutions to allow you to recruit the best talent, drive compliance andmeet financial and business staffing objectives to build sustainable value. 

With PeopleFluent’s Staffing Management approach, you can build a single strategy to manage the key challenges associated with enterprise-wide staffing. Staffing Management requirements mirror many of the functions in the Vendor Management System such as distributing job orders to subcontractors, controlling overall spend and managing the quality of worker by third-party vendor. Through the PeopleFluent VMS, these features save you money and time whether you are managing staffing needs on your own or along with a staffing company. 

PeopleFluent VMS helps you effectively manage your temporary, consultative, and professional services workforce. By improving operational efficiencies, cost controls, compliance, and invoice controls for staff augmentation and professional services spend, PeopleFluent VMS enables you to leverage the contingent and services procurement workforce as a strategic component of your overall human capital management strategy.

PeopleFluent solutions also drive effective Staffing Management by automating and optimizing your recruiting processes.  PeopleFluent empowers your hiring team to find, attract and hire the best available candidates. PeopleFluent Recruitment Software supports your Staffing Management needs by offering a wide range of talent acquisition solutions to allow you to make informed hiring decisions across your entire workforce. By fostering collaboration between business managers and recruiters, PeopleFluent empowers your hiring team to find the best candidate, every time.

PeopleFluent’s Recruitment Software optimizes effective talent acquisition for each segment of your workforce, including contingent workers, allowing managers to hire faster with improved quality of hire, by:

  • Streamlining the hiring process for contract and contingent labor
  • Connecting with social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Analysis, job profiles, competencies and assessments to target top talent and improve quality of hire
  • Providing mobile solutions, email, and other product extensions to drive the hiring process and speed of hire
  • Offering Workforce Compliance and Diversity solutions to manage recruiting goals and OFCCP compliance

In addition, Aquire’s Executive InSight solution offers an enterprise-wide lens as a part of staffing management activities to create an optimal workforce. Together with PeopleFluent VMS, InSight provides visibility into your extended workforce, allowing you to better manage spend, compliance, risk and efficiency.

InSight allows you to continuously monitor the flow of talent throughout the organization. With InSight, you gain an understanding of the true impact of contingent workforce investments by visualizing the business decisions that influence them. Forecast key trends with predictive analytics, and use monthly consulting services for in-depth analysis and more.

PeopleFluent helps you address your Staffing Management needs with the business solutions you need to recruit the best and brightest talent to meet your business objectives today and into the future. 

To learn more about how our Staffing Management software can benefit your business, please contact us today.