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Meeting Employee Expectations from the Desk Chair to the Beach Chair

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Joe Sansone
on August 18, 2014

August has arrived and it may feel like back-to-school is right around the corner, but summer isn’t over quite yet. There’s still time for us to put those vacation days to good use and sit on the beach with family, have backyard barbeques with friends and play games in the park. But will we? According to recent findings, probably not.

The nature of vacation is shifting. Gone are the days where vacation meant unplugging and detaching from work. In the age of BYOD and the Internet of things, work-life balance has become a work-life bleed. Consider this, not only do 26% of people feel guilty using all of their vacation time, but even when on vacation, 42% of people feel obligated to check their email.

As the lines between work and home blur, employees have come to expect the same access from their beach chairs as their desk chairs, and it’s necessary for employers to meet those expectations. If employees are going to be checking their email anyways, we need to afford them an easy-to-use and fast experience. We need to centralize information so that employees working from the pool, the park or the pub can easily collaborate with their peers. We need to provide them a customized and relevant experience so they can work in a stress-free and enjoyable way, despite the fact that they’re working while “off the clock.”

As the workforce continues to change, so must technology delivery. As a manager, I would never encourage my employees to log-on while on vacation, but if they’re going to do it regardless, making it a fast and easy experience is the least we can do. 

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