Leadership Lessons for Healthcare at LEAP: Talent Development Strategies Driving Patient Outcomes

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As the lead sponsor at the LEAP Healthcare 2015 conference being held this week in Chicago, we’ve had the opportunity to hear how innovative healthcare organizations are identifying and developing great leaders to drive healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Many of these hospitals/healthcare organizations are forming or have in place strategic leadership development programs.  These programs are not only focused on developing leadership skills, but also management skills, as both affect patient outcomes and satisfaction.  These leadership development programs come in many shapes and sizes, (i.e. “Leadership Academy”, “Professional Learning Institute”, “Discovering Leaders”) from several days offsite at intensive leadership training programs, to internal coaches and real-time collaborative efforts. 

What’s the value of investing in your leaders?  Some of the benefits that healthcare organizations here have seen are engaged, well-trained staff members, increased collaboration, knowledge sharing between peers, greater career satisfaction, improved performance and increased patient satisfaction scores. 

Based on research from Dr. Kevin Groves, Associate Professor at Pepperdine University, an effective Leadership Development Culture can make a 15.96% difference on annual executive turnover1.  Investing in leadership development helps both current and future leaders in healthcare organizations, and drastically improves the overall health of the organization (no pun intended).

So what are you waiting for?  PeopleFluent’s talent development solutions can help you to identify those high-potential leaders, develop them, give them a user experience of collaboration and personal growth. 

1Impact of Talent Management Practices on Financial, Workforce, & Value-Based Purchasing Metrics, Kevin S. Groves, Ph.D., President, Groves Consulting Group, Associate Professor of Management, Graziadio School of Business and Management Pepperdine University

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