Social Recruiting Software: Integrating with LinkedIn


There is a lot of conversation these days about social recruiting software – you can’t pick up the trade press or visit any vendor’s website without seeing social recruiting splashed all around.  At this stage of any market transformation, understanding everyone’s definition and solution capabilities becomes very important when deciding what you need to solve your problems.  That’s why it’s important to take advantage of any opportunity you have to see and experience what this all means and how it can improve your recruiting effectiveness.

Peoplefluent will be sponsoring and exhibiting at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect 2012 conference that will be held in Las Vegas next week. The Peoplefluent Product Management team has been partnering with LinkedIn since thePeoplefluent social recruiting software at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect 2012 launch of LinkedIn’s first integrations with commercial applicant tracking systems and we are very proud of the strong partnership that has emerged.  At the conference, will be showcasing integrations offered with LinkedIn Recruiter and Peoplefluent’s Recruitment Software– and we invite conference attendees to stop by and see these integrations. These integrations not only provide engaging candidate features that allow a job seeker to use their LinkedIn member profile to apply, but also thoughtful integrations for recruiters that deliver access to LinkedIn member profiles while working in the ATS.  Easy navigation from the ATS profile to the LinkedIn member profile and extended insights for recruiters will let you know when a LinkedIn member already exists in the ATS database.  This is all designed to leverage the power of both the corporate ATS and the marketplace social environment to create a better, more productive and more effective experience for recruiters. 

We extend a special invitation to Peoplefluent clients in attendance. We welcome the opportunity to have some dialog about any of the Peoplefluent Recruitment, Talent Management and Enterprise Collaboration solutions you may be leveraging.

We look forward to connecting!

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