Meet PeopleFluent’s Customer Business Architects

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So you’ve decided to implement a major HCM technology change, and have chosen the right talent management technology partner for your organization and goals – now what?

For PeopleFluent customers, the next step is to reach out and contact one of our three Customer Business Architects (CBA). These three professionals have a combined 55 years working as HR practitioners, and understand the elements that go into designing, articulating, and implementing a HR program change. The CBAs help our customers with the prioritization and sequencing of the changes the department wants to implement, and how to use their new talent management technology to assist in that transition.

Learn more about the valuable services our Customer Business Architects provide to our clients:

So who are our Customer Business Architects? It’s time to meet them!

Rachel Sanders

Rachel has 15 years of experience as an HR practitioner, and an additional 8 years of experience helping organizations select cloud HCM technologies. Rachel specializes in helping organizations make transformative decisions based upon organizational factors and goals. Learn more:

Jamie Aitkin

Jamie has 20 years of experience in HR, and specializes in aligning HR to organizational and business strategy, as well as change management. Meet Jamie:

Susanne Beaton

Susanne has over 20 years of experience in the HR space, helping organizations use technology to re-engineer and re-design HR strategies and programs. Hear Susanne talk about her experiences:

Working with the Customer Business Architects is just one of the services that PeopleFluent customers enjoy. See all of the benefits of joining the PeopleFluent family; learn more about our professional services.

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