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3 Ways to Better Recruit Healthcare Leaders

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Erin Cushing
on August 29, 2016

No matter what job role or industry you’re recruiting for, a skills gap exists. There are fewer talented candidates than there are open positions, which means it’s a race to get in front of these highly-sought after candidates quickly and efficiently. This edict is especially true when recruiting healthcare leaders – talented practitioners who not only are highly skilled caregivers, but who also understand how the healthcare organization operates as a business.

Many healthcare organizations are grappling with this exact problem, especially with executive leadership – CEO turnover in the healthcare space was as high at 18% in 2014 and 2015.

So how can you find and attract these elusive leader candidates to your hiring healthcare organization? Here are 3 great ways to start:

Begin Your Search Within Your Organization:

More often than not, the best candidates for leadership roles are right under your nose – in fact, they are already in your organization. Healthcare organizations are less than enthusiastic about speaking with executives outside of the healthcare space, and a candidate that is already familiar with your particular organization can transition more smoothly.

You should be creating talent pools of pre-vetted, internal candidates with your applicant tracking system so that you are ready to pull these internal qualified candidates when a position opens up. Your hiring organization should also be developing highly-talented individuals to step into these leadership roles so they are better prepared when an opportunity arises.

Leverage Organizational Branding and Culture

When recruiters hear “company culture” they might think of tech start-ups and ping pong tables, but it’s actually a critically important element to healthcare hiring. In fact, healthcare leaders named brand and culture as the top factor in recruitment, as opposed to more traditional factors such as compensation and benefits. Brand and culture also help with employee engagement and retention as well, so healthcare organizations as a whole should invest time into defining and promoting brand culture.

Recruiters should make a point of communicating to healthcare leadership candidates about the organization’s brand and culture. One aspect about healthcare that makes the industry so unique is how value-based it is; practitioners are all passionate about providing care and value to patients. Organizations – and their recruiters – should communicate how they empower their leaders and employees to provide that level of care in order to attract the most passionate and talented candidates.

Don’t Discount Social Media:

While every recruiter knows they need to be where their candidates are, many would assume that social media is not the right place to find healthcare leaders. In fact, according to this industry report, 64% of healthcare leaders said social media plays a fair to significant role in their recruitment process. Take advantage of this important channel and incorporate it into an integrated, proactive candidate outreach program.

In order to attract candidates and successfully manage employees, healthcare organizations need the right talent management technology partner who understands their requirements and challenges, and empowers a workforce to realize its full potential. See why PeopleFluent has become the talent management partner of choice for so many standout healthcare organizations. 

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