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3 Quick Ways to Boost Your Recruiter Productivity

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Erin Cushing
on June 13, 2016

We get it: recruiting is a tougher gig than ever. With a shortage of skilled candidates and a wealth of open positions for these job seekers to choose from, a recruiter’s job is harder than ever. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, right? You’re not alone; in a PeopleFluent poll of Talent Acquisition leaders, 74% of respondents indicated they would be implementing process improvements and 42% cited they wanted new technology to support and increase recruiter productivity.

But you don’t have to just wait for these improvements to come from the top down; be the master of your own destiny by using these techniques to boost your productivity. When enabled by the right technology partner, your entire recruiting team can benefit greatly from these time-saving techniques:

  1. Use Existing Resources You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every new job requisition; odds are that there are a bevy of qualified candidates currently floating around in your applicant tracking system right now. While they might have been disqualified or self-eliminated from a previous job search, they still possess the skills and qualities valued by the hiring organization. Leveraging these candidates by building talent pipelines around certain high-priority positions can drastically reduce time to hire for key positions. A next-generation ATS will have the deep functionality to empower you to identify, collate and sort through candidates in order to create multiple talent pipelines.
  2. Rethink Workflows Time for the moment of truth: how long is your recruiting workflow? If it takes 10 steps to take a candidate from application to hire, your process is likely entirely too long – which puts you in danger of losing out on the best candidates. When it comes to recruiting, faster equals more productive work – and more hiring success. Not every role requires this complex of a workflow. Create customized, flexible processes for certain roles, and make sure that high impact positions that require highly skilled candidates have quicker workflows – the longer the process, the more likely someone else will snatch up your best candidate. If your recruiting software can’t support flexible and customized workflows, it’s holding your entire organization back – and it’s probably time for a change.
  3. Think Outside of the Laptop Box How often are you on your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to access your workflows and other recruiting tasks from your phone? The right technology partner makes that possible – and also allows hiring managers to access and act on candidates makes for a more effective and productive recruiting program. Additionally, the candidates you want to identify and attract are exactly the same as you – everyone is using mobile devices to facilitate every aspect of their digital life – including job searching and applying to positions. If you want to be faster and more productive in your recruiting, then you need to have a robust mobile experience as part of your recruiting program.

If you’re like the 80% of Talent Acquisition leaders who put a major focus on recruiter productivity, then you need to identify what elements of your recruiting program are slowing you down, and how you can reinvigorate them to be faster and more accurate.

Need help figuring it out? Then download our Guide to Innovation in Recruiter Productivity and learn what elements are ripe for innovation – and how you can use next-generation recruiting to empower you to become more productive and more successful as a recruiting organization. 

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