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4 Ways to Improve your Employer Brand Using Social Media

Teralyn Seabrook
on July 10, 2017

Having an employer brand strategy is a necessity to attract top talent to your organization. Digitally-savvy candidates are now relying heavily on social media platforms to research potential companies before they even decide to apply for a job. The use of social media sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Facebook, where employees and candidates alike can provide negative and positive reviews, greatly influence how candidates react to your brand.

In fact, 62% of candidates research companies on social media before the hiring process.  Studies also show that companies with positive brands get twice as many applications as companies with negative brands and they spend less money per hire.  

Are you worried about how your social media platform may be negatively impacting your brand? Here are four ways to improve your employment brand using social media.

Engage in specific social media platforms that your candidates are using

Before quickly jumping in, you need to first determine who your ideal candidate is, what social media platforms they frequently use, and how they use it. Perform in-depth research on each social media platform to understand the type of companies and potential candidates people may follow, articles they read, and how they interact with others on the platforms.


Once you’ve done all of the necessary research, create a social media strategy for each platform. Since each social media platform is different, you may need a strategy for each platform. Universum’s article, “Employer Branding and Social Media”, gives great examples of social media strategies on different platforms.

Respond to both positive and negative reviews

Social media platforms like Glassdoor allow employees and candidates to provide reviews on their experience during the interview process or working at the company which can either be beneficial or a hindrance to the employer brand. According to research, about 54% of jobseekers read company reviews from employees.

Sometimes, it may seem like the negative reviews overshadow the positive reviews you have. It is very important for you to quickly respond to both positive and negative feedback. Monitoring and responding to posts on social media platforms shows candidates the transparency employers provide and that you value their feedback.

Address negative reviews in interviews

Since candidates research companies before interviews, it is most likely that they’ve read company reviews on social media sites and may ask about them. If your company has had a wave of unfavorable reviews, interviewers should be prepared to address it with transparency. Acknowledge the current state and talk about how the company is addressing the concerns. Most candidates will appreciate the transparency instead of receiving a “cookie-cutter” response.

Get employees to be brand advocates

Candidates like to hear about the company through the mouths of employees to understand what it’s like working for the company. Encourage employees to share public information about the company on their social media pages, including company blog posts, press releases, and pictures from events.


Employees can also play an active role by writing blogs for the company and connecting with potential candidates. This can also help increase employee engagement internally by getting employees involved in the employer brand.

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