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A Smart Talent Acquisition Strategy to Help HR Navigate the Booming Healthcare Job Market

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Kerry Fuqua
on January 26, 2016

No one needs to tell you healthcare is one of the fastest growing job market in the U.S. - nearly 11% of all U.S. non-farm jobs are in the industry alone. In fact, Healthcare employment in the US rose by 39,0001 jobs in December alone.  Just how many new jobs will be created in 2016 and the years to come? 

We are living longer, more of us are insured as a result of the Affordable Care Act, and increasing healthcare consumerism is increasing the demand for healthcare professionals.  It is estimated that ‘3.8 million net new jobs in the sector will be created by 2024’2.  This means that HR needs to be able to win the best healthcare talent available; however, this job boom suggests that this goal might be harder to attain than you might think. Consider: With the improving job market, healthcare workers have more choices than a few years ago, vacancies will be harder to fill, and more attrition will occur.

  • The same old approach to talent management will not help you rise to the top.
  • Your talent acquisition strategy has to be faster and better to attract the best talent.

    With healthcare talent in short supply, how can you attract, recruit, and retain the best talent, rather than lose out to missed opportunities and turnover? It’s important to assess your talent acquisition strategy, and make sure it has the breadth and technological capability to bring in the most capable workers, both contingent and staff, in order to stay competitive and most importantly continue to provide excellent patient care.  

    A smart talent acquisition strategy includes:

  • Proactive preparation for the requisition influx
  • Modern technology including video-based recruiting to entice the brightest candidates and maintain your organization’s reputation
  • Organizational branding that reflects the image that you want prospective employees to see and feel so they can get excited to join your organization
  • The power to manage the expanding workforce so your time is used efficiently

Did you know that healthcare organizations with TM best practices (and systems) see 4% lower nurse turnover and 16% lower executive turnover, all partially driven by effective selection and onboarding practices?  To maintain their reputations, healthcare organizations must seek new ways to engage and manage top talent, early and often, throughout the recruiting process.  We can help!   

Watch this  “Addressing the Shortage of Healthcare Employees,” a short video on our perspective, and visit the PeopleFluent for Healthcare website for more information on increasing organizational success, employee satisfaction and patient outcomes during the healthcare jobs boom, now – and in the years to come.



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