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Be an #HRActionHero

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Murray Simpson, Ph.D
on December 08, 2014

This is the intro of a new blog series #HRActionHero. Please subscribe to our blog to follow valuable insights, takeaway content and post-conference discussions. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #HRActionHero. 

Hi, HR action hero.

A big thank you to all who attended PeopleFluent’s first powerful Connect & Collect virtual conference, Be an HR Action Hero. Dr. Lisa Harpe and I were excited to bring our passion for actionable strategies to minimize or prevent discriminatory employment practices together with the thrilling adventures of some of today’s most noted action heroes.

This seemed like a good fit because whether you realize it or not, HR leaders play a vital role in today’s complex business environment. With the need to support organizational goals with more data analytics, HR has to take action in many different areas of the company to effectively drive better “people” decisions faster. At PeopleFluent, we help organizations make workforce decisions and navigate today’s laws and regulations every day.  These insights really drove our agenda for this conference. Here are a few highlights from each event.   

Mission Impossible – Who Should Be Your MI Team?

Attendees learned:

• How to form an expert team to help HR professionals in the current regulatory environment

• Actionable strategies to combat today’s recordkeeping and regulatory enforcement challenges

• How quantitative analysis of HR practices can help anticipate legal liabilities and support more informed business decisions

"I plan to use the information provided to audit and ensure our practices are compliant.” 

“To regularly monitor and assess our HR practices to ensure we are all on the same page and compliant.”

Click on the image below to view our infographic on Compliance

Recruiting and Hiring Practices – For Your Eyes Only?

Attendees learned:

• How to ensure their organizations’ recruiting and hiring practices survive scrutiny by EEOC or OFCCP

• How a comprehensive review of their organizations’ recruiting and hiring practices can help assess current levels of HR compliance, detect gaps requiring remediation and identify areas in need of training

• The key components of an effective hiring process review

Attendees on what they learned:

“Terrific review of the many issues pertaining to recruiting and hiring practices.  We are implementing a new ATS, so the disposition code discussion was very helpful.”

Click on the image below to view our infographic on Recruiting.

Performance and Compensation Management – Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, or a Last Crusade?

Attendees learned:

• How to assess their organizations’ performance rating, compensation, promotion and dismissal practices for potential discrimination

• Important features of today’s regulatory environment including EEOC claims, OFCCP audits and risks under the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

• Recommendations for aligning a self-audit strategy with today’s regulatory environment

Attendees on what they learned:

“Become more diligent about conducting the annual statistical analysis on performance and compensation data.”

Click on the image below to view our infographic on Compensation and Performance

The Enforcement Games – May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Attendees learned:

• How to mobilize the right resources to manage one or more OFCCP audits

• Steps to efficiently and successfully prepare for and respond to OFCCP audits

• How to design the best audit strategy for their organizations 

Attendees on what they learned:

“Panelists provided great information, applicable to more than only government contractors.”

Click on the image below to view our infographic on the OFCCP Audit

With your action hero status, you may not have been able to participate in some or all of the events. That’s okay. Click here to access the event archive. I encourage you to share with your team. 

Next in the blog series? We’ll discuss the importance of a hiring process review. 

PeopleFluent Research Institute (PRI) PRI assesses employers’ compliance with anti-discrimination laws, legal recordkeeping requirements, and overtime pay regulations, doing so proactively or in response to an investigation, audit, or lawsuit.

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