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Candidate Intelligence at Your Fingertips – New Levels of Recruiting Productivity for 2016

on December 03, 2015

So your recruitment marketing strategies deliver new volumes of candidates for open roles, using various channels attract that sought-after talent. And you optimized your to career page, social sources and job board listings to engage candidates better than ever before.  Now what? Are you essentially creating a bigger “haystack” that those elusive “needles” are buried in?

What if you could actually create smaller “haystacks” for each open requisition you have, and be automatically presented a handful of potential “needles”?

As recruiters, your fundamental responsibility is to find the best people for any given job as fast as possible, regardless of the complexities you face with sourcing, hiring processes or volume of candidates. You need faster and easier candidate identification. You need tools that make you more productive as a recruiter. You need a next generation ATS - a platform that brings candidate intelligence, analytics, integration, and automation right to recruiters’ fingertips, strengthening your ability to derive actionable insights from the database.

On December 10, 2015 join PeopleFluent and TalentCulture’s Meghan Biro for our webinar: Talent Acquisition Success in 2016 Part 1: The Empowered Recruiter to learn:

  • The imperatives of robust, dynamic talent pipelines
  • Specific opportunities to simplify complex sourcing requirements
  • How to build and manage recruiting analytics that empower you
  • How mobile capabilities accelerate and amplify some of the most core functions of modern applicant tracking databases

For more information and to register, click here.

Next generation Applicant Tracking Systems like PeopleFluent Recruiting are purpose-built for enterprise recruiting by simplifying complex recruiting processes, accelerating candidate identification and engaging candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

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