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How to Improve Your Recruiting Strategy Through Candidate Sourcing Data

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Kevin Grossman
on April 21, 2014
The talent sourcing process is no longer limited to posting jobs in the newspaper and hoping the right candidates respond. Companies today have numerous methods for reaching candidates, and the possibilities continue to increase. Sources like corporate websites, company career sites, various social media pages and employee referrals have made it easier than ever for candidates to learn about your organization and its open positions. But, the key to a successful recruitment strategy is to understand how effective each of those sources is in attracting right-fit talent.

No matter which sources companies use to find talent, it is important to keep accurate records of the talent found through each channel. Doing so will make it easy to understand and identify the methods that deliver the best candidates. When companies view sourcing through a wide lens, they  overlook key data that can be used to ensure their efforts are focused on the best sources of candidates.

By collecting and analyzing data from each part of the sourcing process, the company can uncover important candidate information to help fine-tune their recruitment strategy. For example, the data may show that although the company attracts the highest number of candidates through its career site, it actually finds the most new hires through LinkedIn. Alternately, the data may show that the corporate website is driving a large pool of candidates because their job listing pages are ranking well in Google and other search engines. With access to this insight, the company can implement the strategies to enhance those sourcing methods, by dedicating more time to finding candidates on LinkedIn or implementing an SEO strategy to further target keywords most relevant to the employee base.

So how can employers collect the data that can translate into improved sourcing strategies? The use of Google Analytics is a good place to start, as the service can track how many people are viewing and applying to your job postings from various sources. By implementing unique tracking codes, recruiters can easily see how candidates found the job listing and adjust their sourcing strategies to leverage the methods most effective at attracting qualified candidates.

Another strategy is to use a recruiting software system or another type of integrated talent management solution. These systems can collect relevant information from the talent acquisition and performance management stages, providing the company with business intelligence to determine the candidate sources that deliver the greatest quality of hire. As a result, the company can make informed decisions on the processes that are most effective in delivering qualified talent, identify areas for improvement and replicate the proven techniques that can be replicated in other areas to enhance talent acquisition and talent management.

As hiring continues to become more competitive, recruiters need every advantage they can get to ensure they provide their organizations with qualified talent. By taking the time to analyze the data about the various sources they use to find candidates, they can fine-tune the talent acquisition process to continuously attract the candidates most likely to be their next successful hires.

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