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CFO Optimism Intensifies the Race for Top Talent: Are You Ready to Run?

on March 17, 2017

CFO’s-- not a notoriously optimistic bunch--are more excited than they have been in over a decade. According Duke University’s annual CFO Global Business Outlook survey, optimism rose to 69 on a 100-point scale, the highest in 14 years.

Duke finance professor and economist, John Graham, added “The jump in business optimism is leading to strong hiring and spending plans for 2017.”

With all the new reqs heading your way, are you ready to hire not only quickly, but strategically?

The Tortoise and the Hare

The fable of the hare who burst out of the gates, but loses the race to the slow, steady tortoise has become the go-to analogy of speed versus quality. 

Often quality in hiring is associated with sticking to a defined process despite time pressures. However, recruiters know too well the pains of not being the hare: lost candidates, frustrated hiring managers and unaddressed business needs.

Recently, I visited a large company who was only 24 hours behind a competitor in extending an offer for a key position.  That delay ended up costing them another day in approvals to create a stronger counter offer, only to still lose the candidate.

The moral of the story? In today’s talent market, you have to be the tortoise AND the hare.

Race Preparation

While hiring managers are exuberant when a CFO is willing to fund new positions, recruiters are often straining under already existing demands. Adding to their volume may push many teams to a breaking point. Before the clock starts ticking, it is time to examine where you stand and how you can meet future needs.

Having worked with hundreds of global recruiting teams, here are a few pointers we’ve learned from best-in-class talent organizations:

Eliminate Drag

The easiest place to start is by studying a-day-in-the-life of your best recruiters. How much time is spent dashing around, but not moving toward the finish line? Are they doing a lot of manual entry from one system to another?  Playing social secretary for hiring managers? Reporting on reporting of previous reports?

If so, make a clear list of the tasks you need to automate. Pronto. Because these items are like trying to sprint with an anchor around your neck, costing you both time and quality - and top recruits.

Front and Center

Forget about drafting. You need to be out front, ensuring you are everywhere candidates are, and importantly telling them a compelling story. Oh, and you also must create the right experience for potential candidates.

So now is a good time to review where you are posting to, and any difficulties you have creating a good impression across multiple sites. Also, take time to test your own recruiting site, including from different devices.

Last year, 48 million people applied for jobs using the PeopleFluent system. Surprisingly, over 77,000 used an Xbox and a growing number used a Samsung TV.  When was the last time you tried your career site on an Xbox?

While testing it out, remember that every step in a hiring process adds or detracts from your employer brand. Start at the posting stage and continue to the offer and onboarding. Is your candidate experience keeping your competitors a pace behind or does it give them an opening to pass you?

Get a Coach

An outside eye can make sure you are ready to run. At PeopleFluent, we work with global enterprises across multiple industries. That means we can help you with best practices as well as next step for you to get in top shape.

Keep Your Edge

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