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How to Streamline Your Recruiting Workflow

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Kurt Jones
on January 19, 2016

You’ve read every 2016 prediction out there and probably have 12 great ideas on how you plan to approach your recruiting differently this year. How many do you honestly think you can execute and manage in the near term? Which recruiting strategies will result in the best ROI or productivity increase for you and your team?

As a former recruiter, I can tell you that the easiest way to a faster and more productive recruiting process is by cleaning up your recruiting workflow. Think of it like a housecleaning project that you keep putting off; once you get into it, you find valuables you thought you’d lost as well as space you didn’t think you had.

The Federal Government just released their job figures for December 2015, which indicate that 292,000 new jobs were created, with unemployment remaining at the low rate of 5% and, more importantly, wage growth increasing by 2.5%. This wage growth means that it will be even more expensive to land high quality candidates. Given this fact, you want to be as productive and timely as possible to fill your openings. Your workflow needs to be streamlined.

Where do you start? Putting sourcing aside for a moment, take a realistic look at your candidate journey from the time your company receives their resume. How long before someone replies to that candidate? How long before the resume gets a formal review? If the candidate has the experience you planned for, how long does it take to contact them to arrange a phone screen or interview? Does your process involve phone screen(s), in-person interview(s) (1 round or 2?), technical review or coding test (engineering roles), a senior executive meet and greet for final sign off? What about reference checks, background checks, etc.? Once all of these steps are complete, how long before you get approval to make the candidate an offer?

If your candidate roadmap runs longer than 3-4 weeks, you run the risk of losing great candidates because your process is far too slow. Here are some ideas on how to streamline your recruiting workflow and processes:

  • Automate manual processes: Leverage the right technology partner to automate any manual processes. This will instantly take time out of your process and free up time for your recruiting team.
  • Challenge your recruiters to find better ways to move a candidate through the process: Who knows your systems better that the team executing every day? They can point out all of your log jams easily. Empower them to find a solution.
  • Consolidate wherever possible: If you have a process that requires 2 rounds of interviews followed by an executive meet-and-greet, consider condensing that to one round. The more senior the candidate, the more difficult to coordinate large blocks of time for interviews. Don’t miss out on an A+ candidate because your process was too time consuming.
  • Engage hiring managers: No process can work without engagement and buy-in from the hiring managers you work with. Make sure your process allows for simple hiring manager interactions. Your ATS should have a way for hiring managers to easily engage in the process and keep candidates moving through your workflow.
  • Communicate quickly: This may sound simple, but quick feedback to a candidate can keep them interested vs. wondering what happened when they go days without a response. This can be accomplished by each recruiter as well as by leveraging your technology.

2016 will certainly be a year of change and opportunities due to a rebounding economy. Now is the perfect time to do some thoughtful house-cleaning to make sure your candidates get through your system in a simple yet effective way. Beat your competitors to the best candidates by delivering a swift and engaging recruiting process.

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