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Data Takes Center Stage at the 2014 HR Technology Conference

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Kevin Grossman
on October 13, 2014

Another HR Technology Conference has come and gone. What a great opportunity to come together with the top thinkers and strategists in the industry to discuss where we are now and where we’re headed. This year, there was one theme that dominated the conversation – one that our team has been onto for some time now – data and analytics.

The conference kicked off with Rahaf Harfoush’s “Welcome Keynote,” in which she urged HR professionals to embrace, rather than dread, big data. In her keynote, she emphasized that the sheer amount of data produced means it will affect all industries, and HR is no exception. With one in three companies struggling to fill key roles, Harfoush argues data is the answer and has the power to make companies “talent magnets."

If the crowd was not yet convinced of the power of data and analytics, Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at MIT and co-author of the recent bestseller “The Second Machine Age,” surely drove this point home. In his keynote speech, McAfee reiterated that organizations must be more open to data-driven approaches, citing the finding that companies who adopt data-driven decision making achieve a level of productivity that’s five to six percent higher than those who don’t.”

What we heard from Rahaf Harfoush, Andree McAfee and a handful of other keynotes and panels mirrored the conversations we heard in our booth and what we’ve been hearing from our customers – the need for analytics that help ensure better talent decision making across talent management function and the need for analytics that can better inform who is engaged, who is performing and, most importantly, why that’s the case.

At the conference, our interactive booth demos and on-site experts showed decision makers how PeopleFluent can help their organizations adopt data-driven approaches, and how such approaches open a variety of doors, like the ability to identify leaders with the right skills and properly develop them and the ability to predict where, and in what roles, candidates will provide the most value for organizations.

As Andrew McAfee attests to, we’re currently living in the greatest era of transformation since the Industrial Revolution, and this is bound to have huge implications for the workplace. It is imperative for organizations to adapt to these changes to stay competitive in today’s highly competitive landscape, and coming out of this year’s HR Tech Conference, it’s clear that data and analytics are the key to doing so. To learn more about PeopleFluent’s data and analytics solutions visit:

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