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Is Your Recruiting Like Groundhog Day? Escape the Repetition.

on April 10, 2017

Remember the film Groundhog Day?  The Bill Murray comedy about a Pittsburgh weatherman trapped in the same day over, and over, and over again. Often when we talk to recruiters, they have this same feeling about their job.  Same repetitive activities. Different day.

Most often this cycle of sameness is the result of the familiar “evergreen requisition.”  You know - the ones you keep open in perpetuity, and are constantly farming because they always need to be filled.  We often see these endless recruiting loops for jobs like salespeople, warehouse workers, nurses, nurse’s assistants or call center associates. No matter what industry - healthcare, manufacturing, retail, financial services - you have your own version of Groundhog Day. 

But there is a solution. Like Bill Murray, you can only escape through change, and improvement. But what does that change look like?  We call it Continuous Sourcing.

Evergreen No More?

Often you are searching for the same skills over and over for your evergreen requisitions.  You know things like: “Can they lift 25 pounds?”, “Do they have experience?”, “Do they want to work 2nd shift?”.

Your ATS must have the capability to automate business logic, and keep your team from having to manually sift through the candidate pool, performing unnecessarily time-consuming and repetitive functions.  When switching from an evergreen model to Continuous Sourcing, the next time a job requisition comes up in your organization, just one click can get your recruiting

team started with a pre-sorted, pre-screened group of prospects saving you time and increasing productivity.

Slipping Through the Cracks?

Recruiters are often afraid that automation will eliminate candidates who might be a good fit. They trust their instincts over technology, because let’s face it—a lot of technology is rigid. For instance, you may know exactly what a “Perfect Fit” for a position is, but you’ve also learned over time what an “Almost Perfect” fit is.

Perhaps you are willing to interview a teller candidate who doesn’t meet your experience requirements, but you know they had a previous customer service role.  Never fear. With Continuous Sourcing You won’t lose that candidate by not personally reviewing the pool.  Instead, you can create candidate pools to fit your approach.  So if you are having a tough time filling a position, you can go to your ‘Almost Perfect’ pool to find candidates.

In the evergreen model, you often open a different req for every location. So, if a candidate applies to your Cary location and not your Raleigh location six miles away, they may be lost.  This creates a forest of evergreen reqs you are constantly having to go through—all the while trying to do the other parts of your job.

With the Continuous Sourcing model, you can easily add a logic engine that automatically considers candidates for roles in a geographic vicinity.  Moreover, you can identify multiple job possibilities for a specific applicant type. For instance, you can consider someone who applied for a warehouse position for a line position as well, because of the similar skill requirements. 

Ice Carving?

When Bill Murray ended up with extra time in his Groundhog Day, he learned new skills—ice carving and playing the piano.  So, what would you do with the spare time you save from Continuous Sourcing?  No more time spent going through the same old req that has been open since Groundhog Day was in the theaters (1993). Or wading through applicant pools to see who was interested in working the 3rd shift.

If you are eager to find out how to stop living the same day over and over, we’d love to show you how Continuous Sourcing can automate many of your tasks so you can focus on what you do best.  Recruiting.  And ice carving if that is of interest.

Keep Your Edge

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