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Recruiting Resolutions: Lose the “wait” and proactively find candidates faster!

on January 05, 2016

It’s great to start the new year with a clean slate, which is why so many of us resolve to make changes to improve various parts of our lives. Resolutions just don’t have to be centered on your personal life; your work life can benefit from resolutions and changes as well. Recruiters in particular can make changes today that will help you throughout the year by bringing speed and simplicity to your hiring process.

2016 is expected to bring more challenges to recruiters. More hiring, and fewer layoffs, as predicted by Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc., combined with low unemployment and high turnover means talent acquisition will be increasingly difficult. Make a resolution to be a more productive recruiter in 2016 - to identify candidates faster, make faster hiring decisions and land top talent faster.

Here are 3 recruiting resolutions you can make today!

Create a dynamic talent pipeline

While you have individual KPIs you need to meet, you are likely part of a recruiting team working on dozens of open requisitions simultaneously. Be sure you are set up to see EVERY candidate that your team interacts with. By creating saved searches, alerts and filters within your ATS, you will have access to a talent pipeline of pre-vetted candidates on a continual basis.

Apply for your own jobs online

What do your candidates see on your website, and more importantly on your career page? Try applying for your own job openings to get the candidate experience first-hand. How is it on a mobile device? Do you have fresh content and video on your site? Being an advocate for an engaging career page will not only improve the number and quality of your candidates, you will also gain great insights into what works and does not work well for applicants.

Look inward first, with internal candidate visibility

Who are your high performers? Are you adding and tagging existing employees to your talent pipelines? Recruiters that understand their current talent supply can source ahead of need and get the right people into the right positions faster than your competitors do. And, you proactively support talent mobility strategies for current employees that include talent development, succession slates and career management.

So, while many make resolutions to lose weight, as recruiters you can resolve to lose the “wait”! Don’t wait for candidates to find you, or for complex hiring processes to fail. Improve your productivity and hit your KPIs faster this year with simple changes that will have a lasting impact.

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