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Sneak Peek: 5 Key Workforce Insights into the Digital Generation

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Hally Pinaud
on June 26, 2015

The Digital Generation has joined the workforce – and you probably won’t be surprised to hear they have opinions already.

PeopleFluent is on a mission to capture insights from this fresh wave of talent. We’ve gone straight to the source and asked Millennials a few key questions about how they prefer to be managed, to learn, to receive feedback, and even how to be engaged. Our research will close on July 17, but we’ve already uncovered some insights we think are worth sharing today. 

Among those born after 1980 we’ve found…

  • Over 30% found their current jobs through referrals.
  • 75% say they’d leave their current job for better pay.
  • Nearly 80% are more engaged when they have mentorship programs at work.
  • More than 26% expect their next role is with an entirely new employer.
  • Only 16% found that their current workplaces didn’t support inclusivity and diversity.

Intrigued? That’s just the beginning. Our survey is still open and we’re looking for opinions from today’s best and brightest young professionals on what attracts, retains, engages, and develops them.

If you know a millennial we can learn from born after 1980, please share this link and ask them to participate in our survey.

Alternatively, if you know someone that can learn from the research, register now to request a notification when the full independent research report is published in September. 

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