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From Instincts to Data: Using Total Talent Solutions to Recruit Top Talent

on January 28, 2015
With the growing competition for talent it’s time to be relying on more than just instincts! Making recruiting decisions based on guts alone is now a thing of the past. Having reliable data to base your sourcing, screening and hiring decisions is becoming more valuable. According to the Harvard Business Review, simple computer algorithms outperform human decisions by at least 25 percent, “regardless of whether the job is on the front line, in middle management, or in the C-suite.”

Recruiting software can help employers answer complex and nuanced questions, such as: 

Are your candidates closely aligned to your organization’s mission and culture?

Will they be engaged in the work you give them? 

Will they stay for the long-term or leave you high and dry in six months? 

Do they have the skills—or the propensity to develop the skills—you’ll need a year from now, two years from now, or even five?

Employers are now able take a far more scientific, data-driven approach to hiring with the help of talent and recruiting solutions. With the proper total talent solution recruiters and hiring managers can source, assess, recruit and hire from any talent pool. A total talent solution can answer these 5 crucial questions that will significantly elevate your recruiting success:

1. Who’s in your pipeline?

2. Which sources are delivering the best talent?

3. What is your average time-to-fill and how does it affect your cost of vacancy?

4. What is your quality-of-hire rating?

5. What skills do you really need to fill your open reqs?

Answering these questions not only gives your HR and recruiting teams the data, metrics and analytics they need to be more effective, but it also arms you with the business information your executives need to make larger decisions—and to clearly see the strategic value of your total talent initiatives.

Our latest white paper 5 Recruiting Analytics that Take Talent Acquisition from Gut to Great examines how these five measurements can enable you to identify the characteristics, traits, behaviors, skills and backgrounds of your most successful candidates hired and eventually predict where you should be sourcing future hires from and why. Click here to read more.

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