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Why We’re So Excited about WISDOM 2016 ​

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Erin Cushing
on April 15, 2016

Next week, a large portion of the PeopleFluent team will be down in Miami, Florida for our global user event, WISDOM 2016. We’re excited to unite customers, partners, industry influencers and employees from around the world to network, learn, and collaborate on diversity and talent management trends and best practices.

Aside from the fabulous weather and sunshine we’ll find in Miami, there are several other reasons why we’re so excited for this year’s event:

Customer-Led Sessions Demonstrate Real Success Stories

WISDOM 2016 has more than 18 customer-focused sessions that feature case studies, best practices and benefits achieved using PeopleFluent’s breadth of solutions for recruiting, compensation, learning, performance, succession planning, vendor management, and workforce compliance and diversity. We’ll hear from representatives at Marriott International, SouthWest Airlines, Direct Energy, among others discussing their projects and success around recruiting, compensation, performance, learning, diversity, compliance, and more.

Industry Thought Leaders Share Market Insight                                                               

We’ll have three top industry analysts presenting their findings at WISDOM 2016:

“Aligning HR Practices Across the Business”
Lisa Rowan, Research Vice President, HR and Talent Management Services, IDC

This past year, IDC surveyed 250 HR managers and 251 LOB managers in order to examine the differences in viewpoints between HR managers and line-of-business (LOB) managers about which department should own responsibility for various talent management & workforce-related functions. The survey revealed that overall, HR executives have a more positive view of their HR and talent process and practices, believing their effectiveness to exceed industry standards. LOB managers generally hold a more conservative view, believing their HR team to only be in line with industry peers. This difference in opinion highlights a disconnect between the two divisions that needs to be bridged in order to achieve success. Lisa will expand upon the implications of this disconnect– and why you should empower your HR team to work with LOB managers to achieve greater HR and talent management success. 

“Maximizing the Value of Compensation for Diversity and Talent Management”
Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

Proactive compensation management supports a broad set of talent management processes, including recruiting, performance and succession. It can also support compliance and inclusion efforts, such as ensuring organizations are compensating fairly and in compliance with diversity requirements, including gender and race. But in order to be truly successful in supporting these initiatives, compensation needs to be available to and managed by finance, and it should provide the team the information it needs to execute on financial governance initiatives, performance processes, and overall workforce planning and analytics needs. Compensation management should also provide availability to workers through total compensation statements that represent what an organization is compensating and what an employer is providing to workers. This session will provide insight into the new generation of requirements for compensation management, and why your organization will be at significant risk without a dedicated system that can meet a broad set of needs and also be integrated with your financial and talent management processes.

“The Changing Contingent Market: Are You Ready?”
Bryan Peña, Senior Vice President, Contingent Workforce Strategies, Staffing Industry Analysts

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Senior Vice President Bryan Pena will present on “The Changing Contingent Market: Are You Ready?” Pena will talk about the rise of the gig economy and how millennials and baby boomers’ changing work habits and lifestyles are affecting how companies engage and manage this talent, as well as examine what innovative companies are doing, including using talent pools, freelance management systems and other resources, to recruit their contingent labor. Pena will also discuss the importance of a total talent management solution and the benefits that can be seen by having a better understanding of the needs of a company’s entire workforce.

Exciting and Insightful Keynote Speakers Share Their Visions

While we’ve already told you who our keynote speakers are, we’re so excited about it that it bears repeating:

John Sculley, Chairman of PeopleTicker, former Pepsi and Apple CEO

John Sculley is considered a global expert on technology, innovation and marketing. He is credited with the "Pepsi Challenge,” as well as some of the most innovative years of Apple’s history as CEO. He serves on 15 different boards, including his role as Chairman at PeopleTicker. He has recently published a book on game-changing strategies for transforming businesses entitled Moonshot. In his book, John has identified four game-changing technologies of today - cloud computing, wireless sensors, Big Data and mobile devices.             

In his presentation, John will talk about the impact of these game-changing technologies in "The New American Workforce.”

Alan Foster, Partner at ghSMART

Best-selling author Alan Foster co-authored the Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Power Score – Your formula for leadership success and he leads ghSMART’s executive learning practice. Audience members will learn how to calculate their team’s Power Score, and how to improve each of the three, key areas of leadership.

Roy Firestone, sports commentator and journalist

Roy Firestone is considered “the best interviewer in sports”, by Sports Illustrated...and “the best interviewer, period” by the late Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Jim Murray. He’s won seven prestigious Emmy® Awards spinning his own brand of magic with more than 5,000 men and women from the worlds of art, politics, and popular entertainment.

Chances to Network and Learn from Peers are Abundant

Truly, our favorite part of WISDOM 2016 is the opportunity to mix and mingle with customers, prospects, and fellow HR leaders, and to connect like-minded individuals with each other. These learning and networking opportunities help all of us, not just the attendees, understand what the state of enterprise HR looks like, and what real challenges people are trying to solve.

The Weather is Fantastic

Well, we had to think of it a little bit!

Follow along with the conversations coming out of WISDOM with #PFWISDOM16, and learn more about our conference here

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