Published: Nov 10, 2015Time to read: 1min Category: Recruitment

Customer Spotlight: How Santee Cooper Used PeopleFluent Recruitment Software to Transform Their Organization

Santee Cooper's Solution to Recruitment Woes

South Carolina's state-owned electric and water utility is the state's largest power producer, and as such requires a significant, talented workforce. However, a third of the company's organization is facing retirement, and the human resources staff was facing the monumental task of trying to replace this exiting contingent by hiring top candidates, all without the use of a sophisticated recruitment solution - every task had to be handled manually by the recruiting supervisor and the rest of the team.

That's why Santee Cooper turned to PeopleFluent to provide an advanced recruitment software system to help address these needs. With PeopleFluent recruitment software in place, the company was able to handle 5,000 new applicants - a gargantuan number for a company with 1,700 employees!

What is so interesting about Santee Cooper's case is that they were able to use PeopleFluent recruitment software to solve for both tactical and strategic challenges. By automating the process, they were able to process more applicants and create more opportunity for hiring success. Best of all, they were able to empower the recruiting supervisor to make more strategic talent decisions.

Discover How Recruitment Lets You Find the Right People—Fast

PeopleFluent helps you fill critical roles with the right people and the right skillsets on a global scale. At the same time, it helps you build your employer brand and sharpen your competitive edge.

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