Why wait? Core HR and ERP vendors still struggle to catch up with talent management

waiting for talent management from core HR, ERP

Your core HR and ERP vendors continue lag behind when it comes to people data and talent management. Contingencies, promises and hyped product roadmaps are used to sway organizations away from leading best of breed talent suites with mature solutions that are proven and in production.

Consider the sales tactics used by the “Big three” Core HR/ERP vendors. Why are their talent solutions practically given away to customers in an attempt to keep them on their back office platform? Why are roadmaps needed to promise functionality in compensation, performance and recruiting applications? And why is “simple/easy-to-use” over-emphasized, while configurability, breadth and functionality ignored? Because they don’t want you to know you can have both, without waiting for future functionality to be added in a later release.

Best of breed talent management software solutions offer ease-of-use and functionality, today. And, integration with Core HR is quickly becoming a commodity. Integration is now offered as a managed service – set-up and maintained by your talent management partner. HRIS intervention and long, complex integration projects resulting in brittle connections between applications are a thing of the past.

So, no need to move off of your trusted HR system for employee records, benefits, payroll, etc. - keep your SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft back office platform. Why wait for Workday to catch up with recruiting, onboarding, compensation and performance management that supports all of your global requirements today?

Give your front-line HR, talent acquisition and organizational managers what they need today to attract, acquire, develop, manage and retain your workforce without sacrifices.

So now that you know that you can have it all now, how do you go about looking for a talent management solution? Let the experts guide you! Read industry analyst firm IDC's MarketScape to learn which talent managements solutions are leading the industry. Download it here.

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