Talent Gap Solution: Contingent Workforce [INFOGRAPHIC]

contingent workforce management

As organizations seek new and creative ways to hire employees with hard-to-find skills, many are looking to the contingent workforce. According to a recent Gartner report[1] 50 percent or more of the US workforce will be comprised of Contingent Workers by 2020. So how can organizations manage and engage this unique workforce?

Here are 5 tips to optimize the contingent workforce:


  1. Be Clear: Informal arrangements and one-off agreements are inconsistent and expensive. Develop a formal contingent contract process that spells out the “Who. What. How. When” details of engagement and the results expected.
  2. Standardize: Leverage technology to help ensure that you are using consistent processes to recruit, hire, onboard, manage, pay and off-board contingent workers.
  3. Don’t Overpay: Use proven rate management strategies such as not-to-exceed agreements and statement of work (SOW) contracts to make sure you are keeping an eye on costs.
  4. Stay in Compliance: Stay up-to-date on regulations, proper classification, certification, security, tenure, etc. – the right technology can help.
  5. Manage Well: Treat your contingent workers like their full-time colleagues when it comes to performance management. Make it an ongoing and meaningful process to ensure better results

To learn more about the significance of the contingent workforce along with additional tips to engage this workforce segment, ​view and share this infographic.

Contingent Workforce Infographic2 



[1] Gartner, “Getting Ready for the Next Generation Workforce and the Impacts of the Freelance Economy” January, 2015

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