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American University Selects PeopleFluent Mirror Suite

American University Selects PeopleFluent Mirror Suite for Graduate-level Curriculum Focus

Students Embrace Social, Visual and Analytics Capabilities that Focus on Employees over Processes

WALTHAM, Mass. July 22, 2014PeopleFluent®, a leading social human capital management technology company, today announced that American University selected PeopleFluent’s Mirror Suite as a graduate-level curriculum case study for its compelling use of leading workforce engagement and collaboration technologies. PeopleFluent’s new employee-focused Talent Engagement Cloud was identified for its market-leading ability to engage multi-generational workforces with highly personalized experiences, delivered via collaborative social technologies, pervasive video, strategic analytics and mobile compatibility.

“To keep students involved while expanding upon text book-based studies, I often focus projects on real-world, cutting-edge products that are making a difference in their given fields. The PeopleFluent Mirror Suite presented the opportunity for a timely and educational business case study,” said Michael Carberry, executive in residence, Department of Marketing, American University. “The students viewed the PeopleFluent Mirror Suite as a gateway to engagement for talent management professionals and employees, and their admiration for the product was reflected in the resulting marketing proposals. I want to thank the PeopleFluent team for being so highly involved with the class and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Powered by PeopleFluent’s cutting-edge pervasive video, strategic analytics and contextualized social learning technologies, the Mirror Suite is a highly personalized, deeply engaging and collaborative experience that reflects what each individual employee needs to maximize productivity and deliver on their potential. The Mirror Suite provides a streamlined path to addressing the most pressing needs of the talent management lifecycle to enable companies to better leverage the information they have available and apply thoughtful analytics on top of seamlessly integrated data.

The American University graduate class, which included Masters in Marketing and MBA candidates, was focused on the PeopleFluent Mirror Suite as a business-to-business case study. With a dedicated class session on the technology, a detailed demonstration and access to PeopleFluent professionals throughout the semester, students conducted extensive market analysis and widely acknowledged the Mirror as a compelling Talent Management Suite for the newest generation of millennial workers. Most presentations focused on the appeal of the video and social elements of the Mirror Suite and its ability to create a culture of engagement for employees and HR professionals.

“The American University graduate students provided insightful feedback on the Mirror Suite. They felt that the solution provided the engagement options that employees want, increasing their participation in the success of the overall business,” said Jim Bowley, vice president, product management, PeopleFluent. “As an organization we continuously look for ways to design our solutions based on the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s customers and users.  This made our partnership with American University and the feedback we received very valuable as we seek to engage the business leaders of the future.  We thank Michael Carberry and the entire graduate class for being such wonderful partners throughout this project.”

About PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent, the leading total workforce HCM technology company, redefines Talent Management with an innovative Talent Engagement Cloud that is built around people and not HR processes. By deeply integrating pervasive video, strategic analytics and collaborative social technologies into its complete suite of Talent Management applications, PeopleFluent redefines employee engagement to address productivity loss and diminished financial results due to an increasingly disengaged workforce.  With PeopleFluent, companies can change at the speed of business without costly IT interventions through intuitive, highly configurable software that is built upon the right data. Spanning across an organization’s entire global workforce with one talent cloud, PeopleFluent equips leaders with the meaningful talent data and strategic analytics necessary to make better business decisions.

PeopleFluent has worked with over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories to engage employees to drive better business results. Today, 80 percent of the Fortune 100 relies on PeopleFluent as part of their talent management delivery strategy, helping them successfully achieve their talent aspirations.


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