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Industry Analyst Mike Fauscette: How to Amplify Social Network Deployment in the Enterprise: A Strategic Framework

The Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is widely adopted by businesses today, often replacing the one-directional static intranet. In a July 2013 IDC survey of over 700 respondents, 79% of participants responded that their company has deployed a corporate-sponsored enterprise social network.1 The ESN is rapidly evolving beyond an intranet with social features to the “social backbone by forming a relationship layer across the business to facilitate information sharing and collaboration in the context of work processes.”2 There are three maturing relationship layer experiences within the social business framework: Customer Experience Management (CXM) Employee Experience Management (EXM) Partner Experience Management (PXM).3 As companies aim to amplify the value of an ESN, it is essential to deploy the corporate ESN to fulfill one of the three experience layers. Each of the layers is composed of a community of individuals that relate to the business in a specific way. For example, an organization’s talent is the main consistent of the EXM and a successful EXM is one that optimizes each employee’s level of engagement at a company. With such a strategic approach, the enterprise social network is expanded beyond the traditional goal of just connecting people to connecting each system of relationships (employees, customers, and partners) with the systems of decisions and transactions (business network). The result is an ESN inclusive of both people and business—a rich, collaborative environment in which individuals can work together, with real-time data, context, processes, and context, to reach greater organizational goals and, ultimately, drive a more productive, relevant, and dynamic business. 1 Vanessa Thompson. IDC’s Social Business Survey, 2013: Driving Influence and Relevance with Social Solutions (IDC, 2013), 7. 2 Vanessa Thompson and Michael Fauscette. Enterprise Social Networks. (IDC, 2012), 1. 3 Vanessa Thompson, Michael Fauscette, Christine Dover, Lisa Rowan, Mary Wardley, and David Schumbehl. IDC’s Social Business Taxonomy (IDC, 2013), 5.
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