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Leadership Development Mirror: A Software Platform Built Around People, not Processes

As our business climate continues to shift and change so does the level of complexities within our organizations. One of the biggest shifts has been “how” we work. No longer do we all commute into one physical office location and crawl into our little cubicles. Our work consists of teams, cross-functional teams and across multiple geographies. Advancements in workplace technologies have enabled us to successfully manage these shifts. Our workplace is as diverse as it has ever been with the increasing rise of work/life blending and its impact on employee engagement.

The increasingly complex economic and business climates has put pressure on leadership capabilities, specifically how we attract, engage and retain top talent. Talent management is the most critical function in any organization, and those organizations that use best-in-class talent management solutions will realize significant competitive advantage. Just imagine if you had access to solutions that will help you maximize performance and productivity of talent in your organizations. The possibilities are infinite, and the new PeopleFluent Leadership Development MirrorTM is the answer.

Simplification, People-Centric and Flexibility

The Leadership Development MirrorTM is built around people, not processes. It’s people that are using software to support their drive for success, not processes. The Leadership Development MirrorTM is a fantastic example of software that offers a best-in-class user experience.

Key Features Include: 

Customizable and Personalized Social Learning Capabilities

The platform offers the best of discussion groups, forums, video, people networking and content curation that each user can personalize and configure based on their specific needs and interests.

Simplified Dashboard—Less Clutter is More

We consume more information and at faster speeds, which often can overwhelm us to inaction. The dashboard is simple, refreshing and inviting, which is the first critical step in good software becominggreat software. Gaining access to required information is easy and fast.

Multiple Information Presentation, Sharing and Interaction Formats 

People absorb new information and learn differently and the new Mirror platform offers a wide array of information presentation and sharing capabilities such as video, social chat and engaging presentations, all from a central data source. Tapping into diverse learning preferences maximizes user engagement and the impact the software has on delivering business outcomes.

Rich Data Analytics

Analyzing data throughout the Mirror platform is easy, efficient and user-friendly. You can start at a macro level and within seconds drill deeper into specific areas of interest. Each user can analyze data based on how they want to, rather than on a limited set of static standard reports.

Hardware Platform Transparency

As a cloud-based software Mirror enables users to use any device anytime and anywhere, whether it be their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Experiences are optimized based on the hardware being used, which provides customers with a huge competitive advantage with these highly flexible capabilities.

Simple and highly flexible software that is organized around people is what the PeopleFluent Leadership Development MirrorTM is all about. The platform successfully integrates social collaboration capabilities, which is a key catalyst that drives successful talent management strategies. It’s game-changing software that will instantly create unparalleled competitive advantage for organizations; to attract, engage and retain top global talent.

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