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PeopleFluent Hosts Webinar Demonstrating How Pay-for-Performance Strategies Can Attract Star Talent and Drive Company Results

Waltham, MA – August 27, 2015 PeopleFluent®, a leading cloud provider of social human capital management technology, announced it will be hosting a webinar today, Thursday, August 27 at 1 p.m. ET on implementing strategies that grant rewards for great talent. This webinar, “Using PeopleFluent to Attract, Reward, and Retain: Pay-for-Performance” will focus on why paying for performance is an optimal strategy for rewarding talent and how it ultimately benefits the organization. Todd Black, director of product marketing at PeopleFluent, will draw from his more than 20 years’ expertise in marketing, product management, product integration and talent management to explain how the strategy can be implemented successfully to drive results.

This webinar will break down decision-making data for employee rewards and will detail how commitment to communication and performance feedback directly impacts business results. This strategy can attract ambitious candidates to the company, and can align new employees to work by making a clean connection between performance and rewards. Attendees of this complimentary webinar will learn:

  • How to develop a pay-for-performance strategy that fits their company’s goals
  • How to implement pay beyond salary for all employee levels
  • How to align performance and goal setting with employee rewards

Who: Todd Black, director of product marketing, PeopleFluent

What: Webinar: Using PeopleFluent to Attract, Reward, and Retain: Pay for Performance

Where: Participants can register for the complimentary webinar online

When: Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 1 p.m. ET

For additional information on PeopleFluent Pay-for-Performance software, please visit the company’s website.

About PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent, the leading total workforce HCM technology company, redefines Talent Management with an innovative Talent Engagement Cloud that is built around people and not HR processes. By deeply integrating pervasive video, strategic analytics and collaborative social technologies into its complete suite of Talent Management applications, PeopleFluent redefines employee engagement to address productivity loss and diminished financial results due to an increasingly disengaged workforce.  With PeopleFluent, companies can change at the speed of business without costly IT interventions through intuitive, highly configurable software that is built upon the right data. Spanning across an organization’s entire global workforce with one talent cloud, PeopleFluent equips leaders with the meaningful talent data and strategic analytics necessary to make better business decisions.

PeopleFluent has worked with over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories to engage employees to drive better business results. Today, 80 percent of the Fortune 100 relies on PeopleFluent as part of their talent management delivery strategy, helping them successfully achieve their talent aspirations.


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