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PeopleFluent Showcases Diversity and Inclusion Focused Product Capabilities of Company’s Mirror Suite of Solutions at Global User Conference WISDOM 2016

WALTHAM, Mass. April 19, 2016 PeopleFluent®, a leading cloud provider of social human capital management technology, today announced the company is showcasing the immense diversity and inclusion focused product capabilities of the company’s Mirror suite of solutions at WISDOM 2016. PeopleFluent’s global user conference WISDOM 2016, held at the Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, Florida on April 17 -20, 2016 is bringing customers from across the globe together to discuss the best practices for and benefits of implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives. PeopleFluent will be demonstrating how their solutions are helping organizations make diversity and inclusion a strategic priority and highly visible part of an organization’s employer brand.

“Understanding not just the responsibility, but also the value of building diverse workforces that exemplify the racial, gender, religious, age, and economic diversity populations that businesses serve – today and in the near future – is driving new and better business initiatives from organizations globally,” said Alys Scott, chief growth officer, PeopleFluent. “PeopleFluent’s heritage has always been focused on making diversity and inclusion efforts not about the count, but about actually making it count. We are proud to showcase how our powerful Mirror suite of solutions are helping organizations implement their inclusion initiatives and benefit from the innovation that better decision-making from diverse and varied views are able to provide.”

The company’s diversity focused capabilities help companies build and implement their diversity strategies at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Reports and dashboards enable organizations to facilitate inclusion efforts and provide the key data needed to make decisions and set direction. PeopleFluent’s Mirror capabilities help shift a company’s dialogue from compliance to improved employee engagement. Diversity and inclusion is holistically embedded into the product and enables users to:


  • Expand internal and external diversity pools
  • Configure requisitions with diversity objectives
  • Improve diversity reporting and analytics
  • Optimize career site with diversity-themed video content


  • Configure onboarding tasks around diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Introduce new hires to Employee Resource Groups
  • Promote diversity and inclusion programs through social and video learning
  • Track diversity and inclusion learning actions and goals


  • Measure manager performance with diversity and inclusion goals
  • Cascade and track diversity and inclusion goals throughout organization
  • Provide flexible reporting to align performance scores with diversity and inclusion priorities
  • Tie pay-for-performance initiatives to diversity and inclusion goals


  • Communicate diversity and inclusion goals to managers making pay decisions through the Compensation Mirror
  • Measure progress toward achieving diversity objectives using diversity and inclusion reports (e.g. Adverse Impact Analysis)
  • Make diversity and inclusion part of compensation planning and infuse market data to compare pay to best practices
  • Use PeopleFluent Research Institute services to compare diversity pay trends to regional benchmarks


  • Build better leadership pipeline with expanded diversity talent pools
  • Identify emerging challenges and trends in diversity pipelines in advance and create action plans
  • Compare leader strengths and talent options with visualized talent data
  • Build generational diversity and inclusion development through orchestrated mentorship


  • Align career management capabilities with diversity programs
  • Offer a combination of formal and informal diversity learning content
  • Develop social learning curriculum to support diversity and inclusion exercises
  • Create virtual affinity groups, collaborative work spaces and shared learning experiences

Non-Employee Workforce

  • Expand important diversity and inclusion initiatives across entire workforce through advanced vendor management solutions
  • Analyze and understand vendor diversity by tracking characteristics of the contingent workforce
  • Monitor contract spend by diversity category through advanced reporting capabilities

PeopleFluent will be broadcasting news and happenings during the conference, including the wealth of diversity and inclusion focused content available via general sessions, panel discussions, and breakout customer presentations, throughout its social media channels and with the #PFWISDOM16 hashtag.

About PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent, the leading total workforce HCM technology company, redefines Talent Management with an innovative Talent Engagement Cloud that is built around people and not HR processes. By deeply integrating pervasive video, strategic analytics and collaborative social technologies into its complete suite of Talent Management applications, PeopleFluent redefines employee engagement to address productivity loss and diminished financial results due to an increasingly disengaged workforce.  With PeopleFluent, companies can change at the speed of business without costly IT interventions through intuitive, highly configurable software that is built upon the right data. Spanning across an organization’s entire global workforce with one talent cloud, PeopleFluent equips leaders with the meaningful talent data and strategic analytics necessary to make better business decisions.

PeopleFluent has worked with over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories to engage employees to drive better business results. Today, 80 percent of the Fortune 100 relies on PeopleFluent as part of their talent management delivery strategy, helping them successfully achieve their talent aspirations.


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