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PeopleFluent Total Talent Management Featured in VMSA Live Tech Pavilion on April 6

Waltham, MA – March 30, 2017 - PeopleFluent will be demonstrating its Total Talent Management Solution in the VMSA Live Tech Pavilion on Thursday, April 6th from 2-2:45 PM.  John Moore, CCWP and Senior VMS Consultant will be discussing how PeopleFluent’s Vendor Management System (VMS) works in conjunction with the company’s Recruiting Management System (RMS) and other products to create a 360-degree view into all available talent pools.

“By leveraging a mix of both contingent and full-time workers, companies can tap into a more diverse array of talent and attract the best candidates to suit the organization’s needs,” said Marc Husain, Vice President Vendor Management System at PeopleFluent.  “By integrating vendor management with recruiting management practices, employers can gain complete visibility into both workforces and reduce time-to-fill, and ultimately become more agile and competitive.”

Another key component of PeopleFluent’s Total Talent Management Solution includes OrgPublisher, PeopleFluent’s interactive organization data visualization product.  OrgPublisher presents contextural team data, complete with reporting structures, in a simple, and easy-to-use format.

Business Objects business intelligence reporting supports all of these solutions working together to generate the necessary dashboard views and deliver insights to hiring managers and HR professionals.  With PeopleFluent’s Total Talent Management Solutions, organizations can optimize their recruiting, onboarding, training, and staff management practices in a consistent, clear, and cost-effective way.

About PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent, the leading total workforce HCM technology company, redefines Talent Management with an innovative Talent Engagement Cloud that is built around people and not HR processes. By deeply integrating pervasive video, strategic analytics and collaborative social technologies into its complete suite of Talent Management applications, PeopleFluent redefines employee engagement to address productivity loss and diminished financial results due to an increasingly disengaged workforce.  With PeopleFluent, companies can change at the speed of business without costly IT interventions through intuitive, highly configurable software that is built upon the right data. Spanning across an organization’s entire global workforce with one talent cloud, PeopleFluent equips leaders with the meaningful talent data and strategic analytics necessary to make better business decisions.

PeopleFluent has worked with over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories to engage employees to drive better business results. Today, 80 percent of the Fortune 100 relies on PeopleFluent as part of their talent management delivery strategy, helping them successfully achieve their talent aspirations.

About VMSA

VMS Accelerators (VMSA) is the flashpoint of change within the talent ecosystem. Its continuous improvement mindset is paramount in everything they do from producing inspiring video content in its VMSA Studio, to seamlessly distributing it on the VMSA Network, and to discussing it at the annual VMSA Live conference. VMSA's mission is to create online and in-person engagement platforms for talent leaders to interact and connect. VMSA brings together the enterprise, the technology, the supply chain and the regulatory governance of the entire talent ecosystem.

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