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NeoTrident is a leading provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software, and supports both the life science and materials science industries and organizations.

For the past 10 years we have been providing up to 700 domestic customers with localized software solutions, implementation services, training, and technical support in China.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

NeoTrident solutions include PeopleFluent Learning's enterprise learning management system, NetDimensions LMS,which helps highly-regulated companies reduce the risk of non-compliance through learning, knowledge sharing, and performance management in China.

Other Services

As an industry-leading information technology company, NeoTrident portfolio is focused on integrating the diversity of science, experimental processes, and information requirements across research, development, QA/QC, and manufacturing. Capabilities cover scientific data management; biological, chemical, and materials modeling and simulation; open collaborative discovery; scientific pipelining; enterprise laboratory management; enterprise quality management; operations intelligence and business intelligence.

Industries and Markets

Life Sciences




Hitpoint Solution

Hitpoint is a leading consultation service company dedicated to enterprise applications and services. Our experts have a precise understanding of the business needs of customers in China as well as practical knowledge of enterprise software systems and solutions.

For the past 10 years we have been providing our loyal customers in China with localized software solutions, implementation services, training, and technical support.

We have provided cutting-edge solutions to more than 500 clients in 60 industries, 131 of which are among Fortune 500 companies. Hitpoint HCM is our business line that is especially focused on providing Human Capital Management software solutions and related implementation, advisory, and training services for businesses of all sizes.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

Hitpoint HCM solutions include NetDimensions LMS' enterprise learning management system. We help companies reduce the risk of non-compliance through learning, knowledge sharing, and performance management, with a particular focus on highly regulated industries in China.

Other Services

Hitpoint HCM provides Human Capital Management on-premise, cloud and hybrid software solutions, as well as all the related implementation, advisory, local support, and training services. We focus on Strategic HR, Talent Management, and Core HR.

Industries and Markets

We serve companies from more than 60 industries including Finance, Automotive, Aviation, IT, Healthcare, Insurance, Bio-Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Education and Manufacturing.




Global Vision Media

Global Vision Media is an expert in eLearning with large and small customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. We also provide multimedia and video. We provide NetDimensions LMS systems either hosted or client hosted, and provide full local support and customization services.

We have accredited off-the-shelf course libraries in a wide range of areas and also create engaging learning materials for our clients.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

GVMedia offer not just the system but also the training content your organization needs to implement a full end-to-end training system.

Other Services

Video Production, Multimedia

Industries and Markets

Corporate and Government


Australia, New Zealand


Phillips Consulting

Phillips Consulting Limited is a Nigeria-based business and management consulting firm with offices in Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa. The firm focuses on creating and managing change in organizations by helping them formulate and implement client-focused strategies, align their management systems to support service delivery, and develop competence and capabilities to deliver on their commitments.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

Our clients use NetDimensions LMS as their learning management platform. Existing and off-the-shelf content can be uploaded and assigned to their employees. We provide services like compliance management, which uses NetDimensions LMS tracking capabilities as the compliance enforcement tool. The compliance reports from NetDimensions LMS form the basis for rewards and sanctions. We also offer mEKP as a mobile solution integrated with learning content.

Other Services

Business Advisory, Governance & Finance Consulting, Recruitment, Human Capital Management, Technology Consulting and Outsourcing

Industries and Markets

Banks, Manufacturing,Telecommunication, Insurance, Energy, Health and SMEs




New Horizons Training

New Horizons Training is one of the leading eLearning solutions providers in the Middle East. It is a part of New Horizons UAE and world-renowned company New Horizons, one of the world’s largest Independent IT training companies.

New Horizons' eLearning division is dedicated to meeting the more complex training needs of organizations. We provide top quality, end-to-end business solutions to our clients in terms of eLearning Solutions, including off-the-shelf content, Learning Management Systems, eLanguage Training, Talent Management Systems, and Bespoke Content Development.

PeopleFluent-Learning-Related Services

NetDimensions LMS and Portals. Our aim is to provide end-to-end training solutions for our clients. To achieve this, we partnered with NetDimensions LMS to extend our reach with highly flexible, secure and efficient learning management solutions.

Other Services

Content Development, Ready-to-go eLearning courses (IT, Business Skills, Desktop Application, OSHA), Learning Management Systems.

Industries and Markets

Banking, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Recreational, Government, Telecommunication, Aviation, Conglomerates, MNCs.


UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain



e-learnmedia is the top-ranking company in Slovakia’s eLearning market and the leading producer and distributor of off-the-shelf and bespoke electronic courses.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

We blend first class LMS & LCMS technology with the power of Social Business Software into an "all-in-one" training and learning solution that bridges the gap between formal and informal learning.

Other Services

Custom content development, off-the-shelf content delivery, LCMS technology, Mobile learning, Learning on-demand, Atlassian JIRA & WIKI Confluence, Web conference solutions, Implementation & integration, Consulting services, Training and mentoring

Industries and Markets

Automotive, Banking, Consulting, Education, Electronics, Energy, Financial Services, Higher Education, Health Care, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technology


Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Central Europe


Courseware Company

The Courseware Company is your partner that makes the connection between didactics, learning technology and your business processes. Our experience spans over 20 years and hundreds of satisfied customers.

We offer proven and internationally available software applications to set up a learning landscape to offer learning both effectively and efficiently. Together with you, our client, we ensure that this solution fits your needs and grows with the needs of your organization.

We do this on the basis of our values and pillars, namely:

  • Customer focus: We listen to you with your training issues and challenges. And formulate and realize the desired solution(s) together with you.

  • Partnership: We aim for a lasting relationship with you, so that we can provide you with good advice and be of service.

  • Quality: We deliver a high level of service from reliability, experience and expertise. Our products are always based upon proven and up-to-date technology that prepares for the near future.

  • Innovation: We monitor the market (for you) on new developments. Because we know what is happening in your organization, we advise you as soon as we observe new, interesting and/or challenging developments that might be of interest to you.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

The Courseware Company is specialist in and a provider of learning-, knowledge- and performance management solutions. Together with our customers we have built numerous learning portals varying from induction training to sales competition slot machines. More than a dozen different HR systems were successfully integrated with NetDimensions LMS.

Other Services

Consultancy, project management, training and implementation, hosting and technical management, authoring tools, content management and informal learning

Industries and markets

Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Energy, Oil & Gas, Education, Business Services, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing


Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg


CognosOnLine S.A.

CognosOnLine provides innovative solutions in education, training and knowledge management with the use of technology, helping organizations to enhance human development and performance. CognosOnLine is the leader in Latin America in designing and implementing training programs, virtual classrooms, and developing online educational, training and knowledge management portals. It bases its implementations on strategies that encourage cultural change within the organizations to promote the productive use of new multimedia and Internet technologies.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

CognosOnLine has advised over 200 organizations and enterprises from different industries in Latin America, helping them to exceed their organizational and human resource objectives, focusing on the implementation of HR and eLearning systems.

Other Services

Custom Development Content, Change Management, Training, eLearning outsourcing, consulting.

Industries and Markets

Government and Corporations from the major industries.


Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile


Dassault / QUMAS

PeopleFluent Learning and QUMAS (now part of Biovia) have partnered to create a best-in-class joint offering for compliance management in the Life Sciences industry.

NetDimensions LMS is tightly integrated into the QUMAS Compliance Suite, providing a seamless learning experience on all company documents (SOPs, etc) and on all internal company processes and best practices.

About Qumas

QUMAS (now part of Biovia) is the leader in Compliance & Quality Management Solutions for Life Sciences, providing Electronic Document Management (SOPs, QA documents), Electronic Process Management (CAPA, Deviation, Change Control, Audit), and GxP Management. The QUMAS Regulatory Affairs solutions also deliver eCTD and Submission Management. All QUMAS Solutions deliver Collaboration capabilities as well as 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Signatures and Audit Trails and simplify regulatory reporting.


Aurion Learning

Aurion Learning is Ireland’s leading eLearning solutions provider. We design and deliver award winning online learning solutions including custom eLearning programs, off-the-shelf eLearning catalogues, learning management systems, and continuing professional development (CPD) tools.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

Aurion Learning is the UK and Ireland's only accredited reseller of NetDimensions LMS. We have worked in partnership with NetDimensions LMS for the past four years and we are confident that with NetDimensions LMS we can bring superior learning management solutions to our customers.

Other Services

We also provide strategy and capability building services to help organizations develop effective online learning strategies, and learn how to develop their own eLearning in-house.

Industries and Markets

We serve all markets including the Corporate Sector, Financial Sector, Health Sector, Public Sector, Education Sector, Charities & Not-for-Profit Organizations.


United Kingdom, Ireland



At LRMG we align people and environments to optimal performance through a variety of performance-enhancing solutions. We understand how the connected mechanisms and contexts that drive people and organisational performance interact and influence each other. This makes it possible for us to custom-create smart, targeted performance-enhancing solutions that build capacity, competence and capability, and deliver measurable results and returns for our clients.

We have been delivering performance solutions that result in a measurable impact since 1997, and our solutions continue to evolve to address the skills and capabilities our clients will need tomorrow.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services
LRMG partners with NetDimensions LMS to implement the most suitable system for our clients to achieve optimal performance through learning management. Our approach is to analyse each client';s business-specific needs and tailor the best performance solution. Our learning and skills development teams often work alongside with the technology team to create the holistic solution.

Other Services
Learning, Organisational Planning, Sales Optimisation, Performance Solution Consulting and Implementation, Digital Development.

Industries and Markets

Cross-industry: Audit, Legal & Professional Services | Automotive and Transportation | Banking, Finance & Insurance | Construction & Minding | Education | Health Services | Manufacturing & Food | Natural Resources & Environment | Retail | Telecommunications & Media | Public Sector |

We currently have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya and Mauritius, and representation in 18 other African regions..


Peak Pacific

Peak Pacific is a leading global eLearning, consultancy, products and solutions company, providing customers around the world with quality eLearning solutions to meet their business requirements.With an experienced management, consultancy and production team we are able to partner with our customers to understand their requirements and find the right solution.

As an ISO 2008:9001 company, our management team with over 30 years of experience in aviation training, learning and development are able to deliver high-quality eLearning products and solutions from our Hong Kong, India and Singapore based offices.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

We provide our customers with end-to-end eLearning solutions, bringing together our PeopleFluent Learning experience with consultancy and solutions for airlines and other industries. This includes using NetDimensions Exam for pilot, cabin crew and engineering regulatory exams and NetDimensions LMS for corporate compliance and mandatory learning and training.

Other Services

Custom content design and development, eLearning resources, eLearning Strategy consultancy, Legacy content conversion, Implementation and product training, Software application development

Industries and Markets

Our core industry focus includes; aerospace (commercial aviation and military), healthcare, retail, regulatory and compliance.




Training Partners Pte Ltd

Training Partners is Asia Pacific’s leader in IT infrastructure learning and development provider, delivering advanced technology training as well as training consulting services to multinational corporations. We deliver training programs and services in five languages and have successfully trained over 50,000 IT professionals.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services

We strive to be a trusted advisor to our clients through offering a range of complementary services using PeopleFluent Learning.

1. Training Consulting Services: We analyze effectiveness of learning and the use of the budgets to recommend how NetDimensions LMS can meet the business goals.

2. LMS Implementation and Optimization: We review client's current process and recommend process improvements through implementing PeopleFluent Learning solutions.

3. Early implementers of NetDimensions mEKP: We roll out mEKP to more than 10 countries in Asia.

4. Content development services: We develop customized courses in many areas and converted existing courses to run optimally in NetDimensions LMS.

Other Services

IT Certification courses for the top leading IT vendors, Data Center certification course, ITIL Certification from Foundation to Intermediate, IT Management courses for Certified IT Manager and Project Management Professionals (PMP), Authorized examination centre for Pearson/Vue and Prometric, eLearning Course Library

Industries and Markets

IT, Media and Communications, Banking, Financial Services, Travel and Transport, Manufacturing, Commercial, Government and public sector


Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, India, Korea, Indonesia



ApprenNet provides a new and innovative cloud-based application for delivering role-play exercises online and asynchronously, thereby enabling learners to collaborate closely together and learn from each other. Learners practice discrete skills iteratively, apply self knowledge, and share best practices in a highly interactive, socially collaborative, and rubric measured environment.

Our partnership with ApprenNet focuses on ensuring a high return on investment on corporate learning: The ApprenNet solution increases learner engagement with video, and improves learning efficacy while saving on classroom instructional time and reducing employee time away from the job.

About ApprenNet

ApprenNet LLC is an education technology company that builds tools for delivering role-play exercises at scale, online and asynchronously. Instructors use our tools to teach skills through self-paced practice, peer interaction and expert demonstration and feedback. Our patent-pending technology was developed through research funded by the National Science Foundation.


Pioneer Solutions Co.

Established in 1982, Pioneer Solutions has a Head Office in Saudi Arabia and branch in United Arab Emirates. We believe in providing Clients with the best solution using the latest available technologies at affordable cost. Our Vision is to be a leading company that provides innovative and added value solutions and services based on local market experience and international expertise.

PeopleFluent Learning-Related Services
Pioneer is an accredited reseller of NetDimensions LMS. We have worked in partnership with NetDimensions LMS for many years and we are confident that with NetDimensions LMS we can bring superior learning management solutions to our customers.

Other Services
We also offer a thorough array of business-consulting services to helps clients align technology investments with their business targets. Our education solutions offer full life cycle project management services to effectively develop, design, and implement your program goals and objectives.

Industries and Markets
We serve all markets including the Corporate Sector, Financial Sector, Health Sector, Public Sector, Education Sector, and Charities / Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Saudi Arabia and UAE.