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"My team could speak the same language as the PeopleFluent folks who were supporting us… it was a beautiful partnership."

Kimara Ellifson

Director of Talent and Faculty Affairs, Medical College of Wisconsin


Investment in feedback and planning processes helped the people of Medical College of Wisconsin see their role – and future – aligned within the organization’s powerful mission.

Business Goals

  • Engage in dialogue to establish expectations

  • Measure performance

  • Evaluate performance

  • Reward excellence

  • Grow potential

  • Enhance satisfaction

The Solution

  • Organization embarked on first-ever engagement survey

    • “Staff and faculty love being a part of the Medical College of Wisconsin,” said Kimara Ellefson, Director of Talent and Faculty Affairs.
    • The survey did, however, hit on one important revelation: many employees struggled to connect their own importance with that of the greater organization.
  • Medical College of Wisconsin’s Talent Management team knew they needed a centralized performance and planning process

  • The result was a flexible process called EMERGE that was carefully fit to the Medical College of Wisconsin’s varied workforce and departmental needs.


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  • Greater alignment with overall mission  of the medical college
  • Employees feel greater connection as result of change management initiative
  • Project has created a sense of community which is unique in the typically siloed medical field