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Recruiting solutions are powerful sets of software applications and services specifically designed and combined to help organizations attract, engage, select, hire and onboard employees more efficiently while improving the quality of hires, the quality of service, OFCCP and EEO compliance, and the quality of data-driven decision-making. Businesses and organizations of all sizes use different combinations of recruiting solutions that include applicant tracking, candidate relationship management, video-enabled recruiting, assessments, dedicated implementation and account management teams, regulatory compliance, diversity impact analyses, and data unification and management services. 

PeopleFluent Recruiting Software has the right combination that delivers this recruiting power and much more – “amplifying” your talent acquisition engagement experiences with the PeopleFluent Recruiting Mirror™ and our Total Talent Acquisition Solution. PeopleFluent Recruiting includes the industry’s best software as well as stellar implementation, account management and advisory services, giving you the recruiting power to increase the speed and quality of your hiring process while elevating your candidate, recruiter, hiring manager, and new hire experiences. 

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