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How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Your Organization

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Autumn is a great season for change; the temperature is cooling off, foliage is diversifying into myriads of colors, and if you’re recruiting for an enterprise organization, it’s a good time to take stock of your team’s performance this year – and evaluate whether you should pursue a new talent acquisition system (ATS) in the New Year.

However, evaluating and choosing new hr technology is always a massive undertaking. Make the process easier on yourself with these three tips:

Simplify Your RFP

You’re going to be making a major technology purchase, so you shouldn’t create a massive, meticulously detailed RFP to give to the vendors you’re considering. It might seem counter-intuitive, but when it comes to ATS selection, less can be more when it comes to the RFP.

When an RFP is overloaded with feature requirement and technical specifications, it can be tougher to understand the core reasons why you’re looking for a new ATS at all: what problem or problems are you trying to solve with this new technology? What do you actually want to accomplish with your recruiting strategy and processes? Vendors can get so busy assuring you that they have all of the features on your lengthy checklist that they don’t get the chance to explain or show you how they can help you solve your challenges in the first place – or worse, vendors who can’t actually help you improve can hide behind the unnecessary details in your RFP and dodge answering the important questions.

Instead, identify your must-have ATS features by talking with your recruiting team. Go through their day-to-day routines and activities, and note any inefficiencies or obstacles that keep your recruiting team from reaching their peak effectiveness. Those problems should highlight the shortcomings of your current system and inform the shortlist of what you need solved by a new solution. Once you have your must-need list, make sure to compile it in a short and easy-to-digest format in your RFP. Before sending the final document out, make sure you eliminate any redundancies in your RFP.

Bring the Right People into the Process – Including IT and Procurement

It’s a reality in today’s business world: IT, and usually procurement as well, are the departments that own the selection and implantation processes of new tools for the organization. While they may not understand all of the nuances that you need from a solution, they will have their own list of requirements for a new solution, including compliance, security, and budgetary concerns. If there is a major red flag with any of these elements, your technology project could get grounded.

That’s why it’s so important to get IT and procurement individuals involved early in the process – and give them the right contextual information to make sure everyone walks away at the end of the selection process happy. Set up a meeting with the right people before you begin evaluating vendors. Ask IT and procurement what their responsibilities will be in the process. Explain to them why you want to acquire a new ATS, and how the new system will make your recruiters’ lives easier – and more productive. Assign clear responsibility for team members at each step, and make sure members of each respective team are involved where they need to be throughout the RFP writing process, tool research and product demos, and more. This collaboration allows your team to effectively divide responsibility throughout the project but also ensures everyone is involved, so that a technology decision won’t be derailed by an unforeseen problem from another team.

Get the Demo Right

You would think this is obvious, but apparently people still purchase new talent acquisition systems without first getting a good, in-depth demo. Make sure you see the product in which you’re interested in action from the perspective of every type of user that will be in the system; generally, that means seeing the recruiter view, candidate view, and hiring manager view. Also, make sure to ask to see the specific capabilities or features you called out earlier in your RFP as must-haves. For example, if you’re trying to solve for a lack of transparency into current talent pools in your organization, make sure you see the internal mobility capabilities of the ATS you’re evaluating.

Choosing a new ATS can be a daunting task, but you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Use our Talent Acquisition System Buyer’s Guide to navigate the entire process, from initial research to implementation. Download this comprehensive guide here.

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