Connecting the Dots: Leadership Development and Career Succession through Next Generation Learning Solutions

next generation learning solutions

In today’s highly competitive global talent market, organizations are continuously challenged to ensure that their workforces possess the necessary knowledge and required skills to successfully compete. This challenge is made even more complex by two critical workforce dynamics coming together: the looming mass-exodus of baby boomer retirees and, on the flip side, a mass influx of millennial age workers (53 million in 2015 alone).

As a result, leading organizations must not only capture the inherent knowledge that is about to walk out the door, but recognize, understand and plan for the entrance of the new millennial worker and modern learner. Companies will need to successfully close or at least bridge the skills gap through innovative solutions focused on learning, knowledge transfer and leadership development. To engage and inspire the modern workforce, these solutions need to be a combination social interactions, mentoring, video content and formal instruction.      

Developing a learning culture of continuous and collaborative learning is critical in today’s changing workforce.   What’s the best way to develop a learning culture in your organization?

What’s the right blend of formal and informal learning to help people develop their careers?  

PeopleFluent Learning is a next-generation, modern learning solution that includes formal and informal learning, micro-learning, on-demand video learning, social, mobile and more. The solution provides all the features and functionality that organizations need to build a world-class workforce with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

If you are interested in learning more about our learning solution, please join us on May 25 for a product demonstration to see how we power next-generation learning. Register here.

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