The New Healthcare HR Frontier: Patient Experience

Alessandra Fagone
Jun 01, 2016


The healthcare industry is buzzing with a renewed focus on the patient experience. If your healthcare organization doesn’t have a dedicated patient experience leader, you risk falling behind your industry peers. How deeply has your organization delved into the possibilities of patient experience?

Over the past few months, PeopleFluent has worked tirelessly to help healthcare organizations like yours to improve their patient experiences with talent acquisition, talent management and organizational development best practices by highlighting what’s new in the industry.  Based on a recent survey, hospitals that use talent management best practices score 7% higher on HCAHPS1

Healthcare human resources is a patient-driven discipline. Organizations across the country strive each day to improve the patient experience by addressing population health, optimizing leadership development and fostering employee engagement, among other things. But we wanted a deeper understanding of the organizational drivers behind healthcare human resources’ changes.

PeopleFluent created our 2016 State of Talent Management Survey to allow healthcare human resources practitioners to  share their pain points, strengths and goals for talent management and acquisition in healthcare. In the fast-paced world of healthcare, we know no two organizations are the same, but there are often industry trends that organizations face collectively.

Recently, we’ve been able to share our healthcare human resources story with conference attendees at the Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience 2016 conference and the Business Development Institute’s Talent & The Patient Experience conference, both centered largely on talent strategies impacting overall patient care and experience.

To continue the conversation about how talent management can impact patient experience, PeopleFluent will be a proud sponsor at Hanson Wade’s 2nd annual LEAP Healthcare Conference, which takes place June 7th and 8th in Chicago, Illinois. The conference’s goal is to address the most pressing issues healthcare HR departments face each day, including patient experience and how to improve the processes that drive engagement throughout your staff.  

Optimizing the patient experience is a coordinated effort, requiring increased engagement between front-line staff and patients. We want to help you to continue to develop your best practices to creating a patient-centered caring environment. Tell us what strategies are in place that help your staff deliver excellent patient care and cultivate a community of caring.

At PeopleFluent we pride ourselves on our inherent understanding of the healthcare industry and the patient-based focus that drives excellence. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with healthcare organizations to improve their talent acquisition and talent management efforts to improve HCAHPS and the patient experience.

Take PeopleFluent’s 2016 State of Talent Management Survey today. As a thank you for your time, PeopleFluent will make a donation to a charity of your choice and share the responses with you when our research is complete.

1Source: ‘Make the Case for Talent Management in Healthcare’


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