PeopleFluent Diversity & Inclusion: Making the Count Work for You


It should come as no surprise that companies that place an emphasis on building and developing a more diverse and inclusive workforce perform better overall; research from McKinsey shows that gender diverse companies experience 15% greater financial performance than the national industry median, and ethnically diverse companies have performance that was 35% percent higher. 

However, HR technology that enables companies to discuss diversity and inclusion are generally compliance-focused; they’re created to help companies manage their worker counts.

Here at PeopleFluent, we’re interested not only in managing the count, but making the count matter to companies. We want to be a strategic partner that can help forward-thinking companies create, manage, and develop a workforce that better represents the wide gender, ethnic, and experiential diversity of today’s modern world – and creates better financial and business outcomes as a result.

That’s why we were so pleased to introduce our product strategy surrounding diversity and inclusion at our user conference, WISDOM 2016, last month in Miami. We have carefully layered functionality and features throughout the entire talent management suite of solutions that empowers organizations to build and implement diversity strategies at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Check out our Diversity and Inclusion Product Strategy Session presentation from WISDOM 2016 to learn more:


Diversity is the demographic of success; use your diversity and inclusion strategies to drive global innovation and bottom line results.

Learn more about PeopleFluent’s diversity and inclusion capabilities here.


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